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CHAPTER 11-"Spoiled Rotten"

In the last chapter, I mentioned Dr. Hulda Clark and her parasite
cleanse. This chapter, entitled “Spoiled Rotten,” will be devoted
entirely to cleansing (detoxification), which is in reality the most
important yet overlooked part of a cancer treatment protocol. Let
me repeat myself: Cleansing is the most important yet overlooked
part of an effective cancer treatment/prevention protocol.
According to Dr. Darrell Wolfe, “the ‘intestinal well-being’ of the
average person amazes me as I walk through the busy crowds of
downtown this morning. As a health practitioner of 25 years I shake
my head at the obvious. For a society so advanced and in search of
health breakthroughs, why can’t we see, feel, or smell the obvious?
We are the nation of the spoiled rotten.”
What exactly does Dr. Wolfe mean by the above statement?
Statistics show that the average person is overweight, and 25% of us
“There is one major cause of disease and this is acidosis
(low pH). Do you know that its major cause is
putrefaction of fecal waste reabsorbed into your system?
This causes toxemia which means dirty blood . . . The
only way for your blood to become toxic is by
reabsorbing your own toxic fecal waste from the large
intestine.” Dr. Darrell Wolfe
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
are carrying around an extra 25 pounds of not just weight, but toxic
waste. It is truly amazing how many men look like they are
pregnant! Have you ever wondered how a man’s belly could get so
huge? Especially when the rest of his body is relatively thin? Well,
what we are really dealing with is the large intestine (which is a
muscle) that lacks tone, has fallen down, and bulges out of the
abdomen, filled with stagnant waste material. Did you know that
the average person (even those that don’t look pregnant) has around
10 pounds of fecal matter putrefying (i.e. rotting) within their
bodies? As Dr. Wolfe so aptly stated, many of us are spoiled rotten.
What Is Cleansing/Detoxification?
Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or
neutralizing or transforming them, and clearing excess mucus and
congestion. A poor diet, poor digestion, a sluggish colon, reduced
function in the liver, and dismal elimination from the kidneys all
lead to increased toxicity and a lack of oxygen at the cellular level.
As I have mentioned numerous times throughout this book, the lack
of oxygen at the cellular level creates the perfect environment for
anaerobic microbes such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi to
rapidly propagate. These microbes can be many, many times smaller
than our body's cells, so our cells literally become infected by these
microbes and eventually cause our cells to either die, or “morph”
into cancer cells.
Once the body (specifically the liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and
bowels) loses its ability to process all the toxins and pollutants we
are bombarded with every day, the body’s oxygen supply dwindles,
the immune systems begin to collapse, the body’s pH becomes more
and more acidic (i.e. acidosis), and we have the perfect breeding
ground for deadly microbes and parasites. These microbes are the
end result when our body’s immune system has lost the ability to
protect its cells from carcinogens. These viruses, bacteria, parasites,
and fungi act as the actual catalyst for cancer and nearly all other
diseases. By “hijacking” a healthy aerobic cell, these bacterium and
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
virus invaders start exhausting the cell’s oxygen and energy supply,
until the cell either dies or mutates into an anaerobic cell. This
anaerobic cell (i.e. cancer cell) now relies on fermenting sugar to
produce energy.
Again, the battle with cancer is truly fought at the cellular level. If
you can cleanse the body of these microscopic invaders while
radically changing the body’s internal terrain back to a healthy one
in a relatively short period of time. This is why cleansing is so
vitally important to all of us.
Death Begins in the Colon
According to Dr. Darrell Wolfe, “Your body is a temple for your
spirit and emotions to find balance in the physical plane, but it must
be in a healthy state in order accomplish that balance. That healthy
state is delivered to you along an amazing assembly line know as
The Digestive Tract. It starts at the mouth and goes down the
esophagus to the stomach and then to the small intestine, which is
five to seven feet long. In total we are looking at thirty to thirty-two
feet of intestines. That’s a long way for your food to travel.
Everything has to be digested in its proper time . . . the process of
eating and digestion is a work of art, simple and effective. Improper
eating throws all sense of discipline and rules out the window
causing grief, and eventually disaster to your body. Most people are
only conscious of the first five inches of the process, only aware of
the taste and texture from the mouth to the throat. So what we have
is five inches of delight followed by thirty feet of misery.”
My daughter, Brianna, is 6 years old and my son, Bryce, is 4. They
run around the house and in the yard and around the house and in
the yard… and they almost NEVER get tired. Why do you think
they have so much energy? Yes, they are young, but most
importantly, they are not toxic. They have not had 40+ years of
absorbing toxic waste migrating from stagnant fecal debris in their
large intestine polluting their blood, lymph, organs, and tissue cells.
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Do you have really bad breath? If you do, it is not caused solely from
what you ate at breakfast! It could also be a result of what you ate
last month…or last year! Remember that hot air rises and it is rising
from your abdomen and out through your mouth. Does anyone have
a mint?? Don’t be fooled…mints, toothpaste, and mouthwash are
only temporary measures which mask the symptoms and never get
to the real root cause, which is your own toxic internal manure pile.
Why do people use underarm deodorant and perfumes? To hide the
truth. The truth is they stink. Why does body odor increase as we
age? The answer is – we are spoiled rotten. We rot from the inside
out. You should know that almost all deodorants and perfumes are
toxic and harmful to your body, even some of the so-called natural
products. As I discuss later in the book, many underarm deodorants
may be a contributing factor to lymph problems and breast cancer.
Why do many people avoid going to the bathroom in public?
Because of the foul stench they leave behind. Imagine walking into
your own house and being confronted by a rank smell and not
knowing where it was coming from. You would not rest until you
found it. I’m sure you wouldn’t spray deodorizers through the house
to mask the odor. However, even if you change your diet and start
eating properly, you will never have vibrant health if you don’t
clean out your personal “sewer pipes.” Perhaps the most important
statement in this entire chapter is this: you will not have rotting if
you understand the art of cleansing.
However, most people do not want to talk about their putrefying
fecal matter. They stick their head in the sand hoping it will go
away. A toxic colon is the breeding ground for disaster. According
to Dr. Darrell Wolfe, “There is one major cause of disease and this is
acidosis (low pH). Do you know that its major cause is putrefaction
of fecal waste reabsorbed into your system? This causes toxemia
which means dirty blood. Let me pose a question to you. Do you
believe that you could have systemic candida, chronic fatigue,
headaches, sore throat, skin disorders, heart disease, gout, arthritis,
sinus problems, even cancer - without your blood being dirty and
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
toxic? The list of illnesses is endless. The only way for your blood to
become toxic is by reabsorbing your own toxic fecal waste from the
large intestine.”
Is it any wonder that we oftentimes hear the phrase, “Death Begins
in the Colon”?
The “Domino Effect”
Let me talk about what Dr. Wolfe calls the “domino effect.” What is
the major cause of toxemia (dirty blood)? Absorption of toxic fecal
waste from the large intestine (colon). So if you can get the large
intestine operating properly, you won’t absorb the fecal toxic waste.
That is not the case with 99% of the population. When the blood
becomes overburdened by these deadly toxins and poisons, the liver
has to pick up the overload. Your liver already does over 500
different functions for the body and now must pick up the slack and
handle the toxic waste from the large intestine. The liver works
overtime until it becomes chronically fatigued and then the body
starts experiencing an array of negative side effects. So, it’s off to the
doctor’s office and he tells you that you’re OK and that this is just
“normal for your age.”
In reality, it’s not normal. What has happened is that the liver had to
do much more than its share because of the toxic blood situation
caused by the encrusted fecal waste in the large intestine. Now the
liver must pass on this burden of toxic waste caused by a sluggish
large intestine (colon) to the kidneys. But the kidneys aren’t so
happy about taking on this extra burden. They already felt the added
pressure for the last few years due to the colon being dysfunctional
prior to the liver plight. Nevertheless, the kidneys do their best, but
as time goes on, chronic low back pain sets in due to these unwanted
toxic poisons. Other symptoms are showing from the over-worked
kidneys like sweaty palms, bags under the eyes, frequent urination,
and bladder infections. The kidneys are now taking the brunt of this
toxic waste. Where does it go from here? To the holding tank called
the bladder.
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
This is what Dr. Wolfe calls the “domino effect.” First toxic colon,
then the blood, liver, kidneys, bladder and now the lymph system
become toxic.
So, the million dollar question is this: How do we get our internal
sewer system back in order?
The answer is . . . CLEANSING and DETOX!
There IS an Order!
If you detox the blood with a clogged liver, where do the toxins go?
So, you must detoxify the liver before you detoxify the blood. Next,
if you detoxify the liver, but forget about your toxic colon, it will
just get clogged again. Because of our fast-food American diets, our
colons are, for the most part, stuffed with toxins that are straining
our immune systems. Therefore, first you should cleanse the colon,
then rid your body of parasites, then cleanse the kidneys, then the
liver and gall bladder, then the rest of the body and the blood. This
is the most intelligent order to follow.
This sequence is highly recommended by many natural health
practitioners and medical doctors alike.
1) Colon cleanse
2) Parasite Cleanse
3) Kidney Cleanse
4) Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse
5) Blood Cleanse
STEP ONE: The Colon Cleanse
In the words of Henry Wheeler Shaw: “A good reliable set of bowels
is worth more to [us] than any quantity of brains.” I agree
wholeheartedly with Mr. Shaw! The Royal Society of Medicine did
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
a major study and found that a dysfunctional large intestine (aka
colon, bowels) is the major contributor to 85% of all disease and
illness. A dysfunctional colon is the major fuel to the fire of all
illness and disease, including cancer. And until this organ gets your
full attention and cooperation, not only will you not prevent or
reverse illness, you will remain sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, famous surgeon and the father of Kellogg’s
Corn Flakes, believed that the colon was the origin of most health
problems, hence his creation of a bran cereal to aid in colon
function. He maintained that 90% of disease is due to improper
functioning of the colon.
Did you know that your large intestine is often referred to as the
“mother of all organs”? It is the first organ developed in the fetus.
Why? Because it is the most important. Without a proper waste
disposal (sewer system), life would cease to exist before it even gets
started. Just picture the disaster we would face if our cities’ sewer
systems backed up into our streets and homes. But isn’t that exactly
what has happened with the “internal sewer system” of many people
today, as we have become breathing cesspools of toxic bacteria,
gases, viruses, fungus, and worms, living off stagnant, rotting waste?
We are spoiled rotten.
Americans have the highest incidence of colon-rectal cancer of any
nation in the world. It is now killing more Americans than ever
before in history. Many people think it’s a dirty subject and some
think it’s embarrassing, but cancer and death are worse, so let’s talk
about preventing it. According to the U.S. Health Service, over 90%
of Americans are walking around with clogged colons. The saying
“you are what you eat” is categorically correct and all the more
reason to cleanse and detoxify the body. When the bowel and/or
colon is impacted, problems arise such as constipation, hemorrhoids,
diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and a plethora of
other ailments.
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
According to Dr. Richard Schulze, “The first step in everyone’s
health program should be stimulating, cleaning and toning all the
elimination organs, and the bowel is the best place to begin.” According to Dr. Schulze,
cleansing the colon (bowel) happens in three steps. First, get the
bowel regular (one bowel movement per meal). Next, clean the
toxic, putrid waste from the pockets, bends and folds of the colon.
Finally, keep the colon clean through daily maintenance.
Dr. Schulze readily admits that after 20 years of clinical experience,
he’s found that 80% of all maladies, whether arthritis, acne, multiple
chemical sensitivity, or cancer were cleared up within 2 weeks of
cleaning the bowel. One of the best colon cleanses on the market
today was created by Dr. Schulze and is called Intestinal Corrective
Formula (#1 & #2). You can find it at Dr. Darrell
Wolfe also has an excellent colon cleanse called Bioxy which is
available on his website:
Many people mistakenly believe that a two to four week cleanse is
sufficient to restore their health. They are wrong. Daily
maintenance of the digestive tract is imperative and necessary to reestablish
and preserve your wellbeing. The goal should be colon
regeneration and maintenance. If you’ve ever done a colon cleanse,
you probably felt great for about a month but then you went back to
normal. What happened? Your internal sewer system got backed up
again, didn’t it? The key is to keep the colon clean and not get
clogged up again.
Not only must we cleanse, but we must re-establish a strong
immune system in the digestive tract with the proper friendly
bacteria (flora). Without this friendly flora being present, life as we
know it would not exist. Most people have had the friendly bacteria
in their digestive tract destroyed due to harsh chemicals, tap water,
poor diet, antibiotics, and other toxins. Soil based micro-organisms
(SBOs) have the highest integrity of all friendly bacteria for the
proper re-establishment of a healthy digestive tract. To read more
about SBOs, please see page 301.
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
I have recently learned that Dr. Wolfe also is developing a product
which will revolutionize the concept of colon maintenance. This
product is called Royal Tea, and it is a safe, natural, and powerful
means of promoting the healthy elimination of potentially harmful
toxins and waste while opening the pathway to superior assimilation
of essential nutrients. It promotes the health and longevity of all
organs, systems, glands, and processes important to your wellbeing.
Royal Tea not only cleanses and rejuvenates the digestive tract, but
it also supports the health and wellbeing of the entire body and is
safe to take on a daily basis for the rest of your life. To learn more,
please visit and search for “Royal Tea.”
And remember, the “golden rule” for effective digestion (i.e. a clean
colon) is NEVER MIX A PROTEIN AND A STARCH. Meat requires
protein enzymes for digestion and potatoes require starch enzymes.
When these enzymes are put together they neutralize each other
and your food putrefies (rots). Instead of being digested by enzymes,
it putrefies with bad bacteria.
STEP TWO: The Parasite Cleanse
In the last chapter, I detailed Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse, so
this section is just to reiterate the importance of a good parasite
cleanse. Most people believe parasites are only a serious problem in
3rd world countries, but nothing can be farther from the truth.
Scientists have identified over 300 types of parasites thriving in our
the U.S. today, including but not limited to the following:
pinworms, tapeworms, hookworms, ringworms, whipworms,
roundworms, and heartworms. The USDA tells us that the average
cubic inch of beef contains up to 1,200 larvae. It is estimated that
over 90% of the U.S. population suffer from parasites and don’t
know it. When symptoms appear, the worms/parasites have
probably been in your system for over a decade!
According to Dr. Hazel Parcells in 1974, “Make no mistake about it,
worms are the most toxic agents in the human body. They are one of
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the primary underlying causes of disease and are the most basic
cause of a compromised immune system."
Parasites are scavenger organisms living within us, aiding many
serious health ailments to develop, including cancer.
Parasites thrive in the intestinal tract, liver, pancreas, brain (and
many other places in the body!) where they become “obese” when
fed their favorite diet of sugars, processed and junk foods, toxins, and
excessive carbohydrate consumption. The danger of these uninvited
visitors exists in that they become extremely toxic and even deadly,
as waste materials are expelled into the host body, their eggs hatch
and larvae grow in tissue all over the body.
Parasites have 3 main goals/effects within the human host:
􀂾 Grow fat on your nutrition
􀂾 Drink your blood
􀂾 Overload you with their waste, which is then reabsorbed
into your bloodstream, weakening the entire immune system
See the previous chapter for details for Dr. Clark’s parasite cleanse.
In addition to her parasite cleanse, you can purchase an excellent
parasite cleanse from Dr. Schulze at Another
good parasite cleanse is available at You
can take the parasite cleanse along with your colon cleanse or after
it, just as long as it is completed before you begin your liver cleanse.
Just be sure that you don’t skip the parasite cleanse.
According to Dr. Ross Andersen, N.D., “Other prominent physicians
agree with me; that in human history, the parasite challenge is likely
the most unrecognized of all endemic problems. Because they
cannot be seen and rarely present immediate symptoms, they remain
invisible as a cause or contributing factor to what can be a serious
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
STEP THREE: The Kidney Cleanse
Why is kidney cleansing important? Every day, your kidneys process
the blood and help to sift out waste products (like mercury, lead,
arsenic, copper, and other toxins) and extra water. The waste and
extra water become urine. The urine then flows to your bladder
through the ureters. Your bladder stores urine until you go to the
bathroom. When your kidneys become overloaded with toxins,
diseases of the kidneys and bladder can happen as you are unable to
discharge the waste and urine from your body. Crystals form in
urine from various salts that build up on the inner surfaces of the
kidney. Eventually these crystals become large enough to form
kidney stones. A kidney cleanse is a procedure which is used to
dissolve deposits inside the kidneys that can lead to kidney stones.
We now know that hard minerals (mainly from tap water) cannot be
assimilated by our bodies, thus they begin to build up in our kidneys
and other organs, contributing to many diseases, including cancer.
According to Dr. Charles Mayo (of the Mayo Clinic), “‘Water
hardness’ is the underlying cause of many, if not all, of the diseases
resulting from poisons in the intestinal tract. These (hard minerals)
pass from the intestinal walls and get into the lymphatic system,
which delivers all of its products to the blood, which in turn,
distributes to all parts of the body. This is the cause of much human
There are hundreds of herbal recipes, and many different
homeopathic remedies used for cleansing kidney stones. One
popular way to cleanse kidney is to a watermelon cleanse. Just
purchase a few huge watermelons and eat them all throughout the
day. Another popular kidney cleanse is celery seed tea. Just pour
boiling spring water over a tablespoonful of freshly ground
celery seeds and allow it to steep. Celery seed tea is very potent in
case of kidney stones and chronic kidney diseases. Celery seeds have
a direct action on the kidneys, increasing the elimination of water
and speeding up the clearance of accumulated toxins from the joints.
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Celery seed tea is oftentimes combined with dandelion root to
increase the efficiency of elimination by both the kidneys and the
liver. However, if you are pregnant, do not drink celery seed tea
since it is a uterine stimulant!
Probably the most popular kidney cleanse is Dr. Clark’s kidney
cleanse found here: Also, Dr.
Schulze’s kidney cleanse is available at
STEP FOUR: The Liver/Gall Bladder Cleanse
I have heard it said, “Don't tell your girl you love her with all
your heart. Tell her you love her with all your liver.” That seems
odd, doesn’t it? But when you consider that the liver performs over a
thousand tasks daily and filters every drop of blood that flows
through it, I guess you can see that it makes sense.
The liver produces chemicals to combat viruses and bacteria,
supports phagocytosis (cell-eating), and produces antihistamines to
neutralize substances that promote the growth of cancer. It is such a
powerhouse that scientists estimate that up to 80% of the liver can
be damaged without producing any symptoms! Plus, the liver
regenerates itself every 6 weeks! This is truly amazing! In his 1994
article entitled “The Liver, Laboratory of Living,” Dr. Leo Roy, M.D.
states, “No disease, especially degenerative diseases including cancer
and AIDS, could survive longer than a few weeks in the presence of
a healthy liver” (Immune Perspectives, Summer 1994).
In his book, The Liver And Cancer, Dr. Kasper Blond of Vienna,
Austria refers to the liver as the “gateway to disease.” In the book, he
states, “No other stimulus is necessary (for the growth of cancer)
than a metabolic toxin which has not passed the liver filter or has
not been neutralized owing to liver failure.” He later states, “Cancer
of the lung is not caused by nicotine, but by the alimentary toxins
having bypassed the liver filter.” Remember the baseball star
Mickey Mantle? He was diagnosed with lung cancer while awaiting
a liver transplant…HMMMM……
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
There are many ways to clean and maintain your liver, but the best
liver flush I have seen is the 5 day liver and gallbladder flush from
Jon Barron. You can find it at
Another good liver flush is from Dr. Schulze at
Drink a quart of organic, unprocessed, apple juice each day for 3
days. You don’t have to fast during this period, but it is
recommended that you do fast. On the evening of the 3rd day, drink
8 ounces of organic, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil. This is
brutal! Stir it up (along with the juice of one lemon) and drink it
down quickly. Then grab a small trashcan and lie in a fetal position,
curled up on your right side for ½ hour. Keep the trashcan by your
face just in case you puke. The next morning, you should find a few
small green or black objects in your stool. These are gallstones.
Dr Schulze claims our diets are just too sweet, that we must get some
bitter herbs and greens to stimulate the bile flow. He recommends
eating some parsley or kale (or any bitter herb/green) just prior to a
meal to get the bile flowing. Beet juice, alfalfa juice, wheat grass
juices are a delight for the liver.
STEP FIVE: Cleanse your Blood
The blood stream is our “River of Life.” We very seldom give even a
second thought to the blood that is coursing through our bodies
until we have had an injury and this precious fluid flows out before
our eyes. Then, as we frantically stop the bleeding, we notice that it
is a red color so we figure we are blessed with “good blood.”
One of the first things we can do to improve the circulatory system
is to clean out the channels through which the blood flows. Do to
faulty digestion and the use of hard water, the walls of arteries,
veins, and capillaries become coated with inorganic waste materials.
This waste forms a lining that does not allow the cell structure of the
veins and arteries to be fed properly, so these originally soft pliable
tissues become hard and lose their elasticity. Then, like an “old”
rubber hose, they cannot expand or contract with ease and they
Chapter 11 – “Spoiled Rotten” Cancer – Step Outside the Box
become, through weakness, ballooned out, or brittle and then break,
as in varicosity. The heavy use of breads, pastries, and refined sugars
leach out the calcium from the veins and arteries and when there is
a calcium deficiency we have weakness, which allows malfunction.
When the colon, kidneys, and liver have deteriorated in their ability
to keep the blood clean of waste, the blood then cannot perform its
many functions adequately. Oxygen distribution to the cells of the
body is curtailed, the immune system is busy with having to handle
some of the excess contaminants in the blood, and degenerative
disease is the end result. So, again, we are back to where we
started…cancer is always associated with a lack of oxygen at the
cellular level.
There are actually several ways to cleanse your blood. One of the
most effective is to take digestive enzymes between meals or before
bed. Within a matter of minutes the enzymes enter the bloodstream
and begin cleaning the debris out of the blood and stimulating the
immune cells. But I also recommend that you use an herbal blood
cleanser to remove toxic residues from the blood so that it is hostile
toward cancer and tumors. The great blood cleansing herbs are as
follows: red clover, burdock root, chaparral, poke root, and sheep
sorrel. These are the herbs you will find in the famous blood
cleansing formulas such as Hoxsey tea, Essiac tea, and Dr. Schulze’s
formula. These herbs can literally drive tumors out of the body.
Jon Barron has an excellent blood cleanse available at his website: According to him, the best way to take this
type of formula is as an herbal tincture, which concentrates the
herbs up to 30 times. Take between 4 and 12 droppersful a day
(depending on your need) in juice. Take rest days as needed, but
finish the entire bottle. Repeat as often as needed.
NOTE: Much of this chapter was excerpted (with permission) from
Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s article entitled “Spoiled Rotten.” It can be found

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