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Cancer Book

Smoke & Mirrors
I used to be afraid of getting cancer, and just recently have I begun
to understand why I was so fearful. I, along with 99% of Americans,
had been snookered and brainwashed into believing the lies
propagated by Big Pharma’s propaganda machine that instills deceit
upon our schools, books, professional journals, magazines, radio
shows, TV shows, and of course, the vast majority of conventional
doctors, nurses, and other health professionals.
Deliberate misrepresentation of facts has always been the standard
operating procedure of the directors of mass media. They cannot
afford objective journalism interpreting events as they actually
occur. That would be too dangerous. You see, we are spoon fed our
opinions since the day we were born. Daily events always are
“spun” to favor a certain side’s position. Those that disagree with
the spin and actually think for themselves are frequently labeled
“radicals” and “kooks.” Reality becomes fiction and fiction becomes
reality. This is all part of the “smoke and mirrors” that are so
“Everyone should know that most cancer research is
largely a fraud and that the major cancer research
organizations are derelict in their duties to the people
who support them.” Dr. Linus Pauling
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
prominent in our “MTV – Joe Six Pack – Remote Control – Reality
TV” generation. According to American journalist Russel Wayne
Baker, “An educated person is one who has learned that information
almost always turns out to be at best incomplete and very often false,
misleading, fictitious, mendacious - just dead wrong.” Since most
people have not really been educated, they are blissfully unaware
that they are being brainwashed.
But this “smoke and mirrors” is nothing new. It began almost a
century ago, when, due to his uncanny ability to “reframe an issue,”
Edwin L. Bernays earned the nickname “the Father of Spin.” From
his 1928 chronicle Propaganda, we learn how Bernays took the ideas
of his famous uncle (Sigmund Freud) and applied them to the
emerging science of mass persuasion. The only difference was that
rather than using these principles the way Freudian psychology does
(to discover the unconscious mind), Bernays used his uncle’s
techniques for marketing purposes in order to create illusions,
deceive, mask agendas, and brainwash the general public. In a
telling quote, Bernays once described the general public as a “herd
that needed to be led.” Bernays never deviated from his fundamental
axiom to “control the masses without their knowing it.” In other
words, the best PR happens with the general public unaware that
they are being manipulated and brainwashed.
How did Bernays do it? His techniques were simple: create the
illusion that there is some favorable research by using phrases like
“numerous studies have shown...” or “research has proven...” or
“scientific investigators have found...” but then never really cite
anything. Say it long enough and loud enough, and eventually
people will believe it. And if anyone doubts you, attack their
character and/or their intellect. Bernays’ techniques are still being
utilized today by most advertisers, including Big Pharma.
For instance, Big Pharma regularly develops “newer and better”
prescription drugs, with their main goal being to increase
shareholder profits (err…I mean to cure a whole host of ailments).
These drugs are advertised over and over and over again, on TV,
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
radio, magazines, medical journals, and in promotional literature.
Despite the lack of scientific evidence to support the use of these
drugs, we are conditioned to believe that they are the answer to our
problems. If anyone dares to disagree, they are labeled a “quack,”
their character is attacked, and their intellect is challenged. This is
what I call the “Bernays Protocol for Silencing Dissenters.” It is very
effective and is still being used today.
A recent study carried out by the Institute for Evidence-Based
Medicine in Germany has found that 94% of the information
contained in promotional literature sent to doctors by Big Pharma
has absolutely no scientific basis. That’s utterly amazing, if you
really think about it. Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, pulls no
punches: “Pharmaceutical companies engage in mass scientific fraud
in order to distort their studies and get drugs approved based on
rather shaky science, but what surprises me about this new research
is the extent of it: 94% of the marketing claims are unsubstantiated
and unsupported by scientific evidence. That’s an alarming number -
it means 19 of 20 statements made by drug companies in their
marketing literature are false.”
As it relates to cancer treatments, brainwashing and deception is
essential, since the goal of the Cancer Industry is to continually
convince us that alternative cancer treatments do not work (despite
evidence to the contrary), while simultaneously telling us that the
“Big 3” cancer treatments do work (despite evidence to the
contrary). The “smoke and mirrors” utilized to accomplish this
monumental deception make David Copperfield look like a rank
amateur! Most issues of “conventional cancer wisdom” are
scientifically implanted in the public consciousness by a thousand
media clips and advertisements each day.
Next time you are watching TV or listening to the radio, pay close
attention. You will likely hear vague phrases like this: “In terms of
big picture, we are continually making progress, but we still have a
very long way to go to win the war with cancer.” What exactly does
this comment mean? Would you like me to translate this for you?
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Here we go: “In order to continue getting funding, we must
continually show you a little bit of progress, despite the fact that our
‘progress’ is measured by manipulated statistics. But we don’t want
to be too successful, and certainly don’t want to find a real cure for
cancer, since this would put all of us out of work.”
In order to keep Big Pharma’s “cash cow” alive and well, we are
brainwashed into believing that prescription drugs are the answer
for cancer (and all other ailments as well). Are you sick? Just watch
TV for half an hour, write down the name of the latest prescription
drug, and call your doctor. I’m sure that he’ll be glad to prescribe it
for you. You see, your doctor has likely been brainwashed, too. Big
Pharma pays for over 90% of the advertising space in those
“prestigious” medical journals. I will cite some mind-boggling
statistics relating to medical journals later in the book.
What is the last time you saw a commercial about proper nutrition
as it relates to our health? What about all of those nutrition geeks
telling you to eat raw, live, whole foods? Many conventional doctors
will tell not to listen to that nonsense, that there is no evidence to
support the correlation between diet and degenerative diseases such
as cancer. They will tell you that physicians who believe that cancer
can be cured with a change in diet are just a bunch of medical
“quacks.” Please be aware that this is another characteristic of a
successful propaganda campaign: dehumanize the opposition by
labeling and name calling.
We are conditioned to believe almost anything, as long as the
information comes from a “trusted source.” In his article entitled
The Doors of Perception: Why Americans Will Believe Almost
Anything, Dr. Tim O’Shea tells the story of how leaded gas was
introduced to the U.S. “In 1922, General Motors discovered that
adding lead to gasoline gave cars more horsepower. When there was
some concern about safety, GM paid the Bureau of Mines to do some
fake “testing” and publish spurious research that ‘proved’ that
inhalation of lead was harmless. Enter Charles Kettering.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Founder of the world famous Sloan-Kettering Memorial Institute for
medical research, Charles Kettering also happened to be an
executive with General Motors. By some strange coincidence, we
soon have Sloan-Kettering issuing reports stating that lead occurs
naturally in the body and that the body has a way of eliminating low
level exposure. Through its association with The Industrial Hygiene
Foundation and PR giant Hill & Knowlton, Sloane-Kettering
opposed all anti-lead research for years.
Without organized scientific opposition, for the next 60 years more
and more gasoline became leaded, until by the 1970s, 90% or our
gasoline was leaded. Finally it became too obvious to hide that lead
was a major carcinogen, which they knew all along, and leaded gas
was phased out in the late 1980s. But during those 60 years, it is
estimated that some 30 million tons of lead were released in vapor
form onto American streets and highways. 30 million tons. That is
PR, my friends.”
The Cancer Propaganda Machine & Brainwashing
Big Medicine and Big Pharma have essentially obtained complete
control over politicians and the media. You see, people can’t be
brainwashed without a massive propaganda campaign. And believe
me, the cancer propaganda machine (i.e. TV, newspapers,
professional journals, radio, etc) is alive and well in 2006. Media
executives and publishers are careful not to publish anything which
offends their biggest advertisers (Big Pharma) and to shape their
content in such a manner as to please them. In less polite terms, this
is called “media whoring.”
Isn’t it amazing the number of “drug” commercials that you see in a
typical hour of prime time TV? A recent survey of network TV
newscasts found that nearly 25% of all the commercials were for
prescription drugs: Viagra, Claritin, Celebrex, Allegra, Levitra,
Zoloft, Cialas, Nexium, and the list goes on and on.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Big Pharma spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on TV
and print ads for prescription drugs. This is how we are
brainwashed. They are constantly bombarding us with the mantra
that newer and better drugs are the answer to the cancer epidemic.
Eventually, most of us just believe what we see on TV and what we
are told by our doctor. This is the key to a successful propaganda
campaign. People must not be taught how to think for themselves.
They must be conditioned to trust those in power and believe what
they hear on TV and the radio. As a result, we have lost the ability
to think logically for ourselves. We have become “dumb and
Have you ever noticed that we are constantly warned against
obtaining information on cancer prevention and treatments from
the internet? Headlines read that alternative cancer websites pose a
health risk! We regularly see quotes from well-known physicians
similar to this one: “There is no good evidence that any alternative
treatment can prevent cancer.” How ignorant! In order to make a
statement like that, a person must either be outright lying or utterly
unaware of the last 60 years of research on cancer!
What is clear is that the Cancer Industry is conducting a pervasive
propaganda campaign, based on fear and ignorance, in order to
prevent people from learning about alternative treatments for
cancer. Frankly, the Cancer Industry would rather people remain
ignorant. They do not want people to be informed about anything
other than the treatments that they promote and control. Ideally,
what the Cancer Industry wants is a form of censorship. Ultimately,
they want websites to be flagged to indicate which ones are “official”
cancer websites. Of course, only the websites publishing content
that agrees 100% with the corrupt Cancer Industry would be
qualified to receive such an emblem.
So, in light of the above facts, always keep in mind that what you
hear about conventional cancer treatments from your doctors, in
medical journals, on TV, on the radio, and in magazines is a
labyrinth of lies and frauds, aimed at convincing us that the cure to
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
cancer is newer, better, chemotherapy drugs and funding more drug
research. And always remember that even the editors of the medical
journals have prostituted themselves to Big Pharma. As Albert
Einstein once said, “The ruling class has the schools and press under
its thumb. This enables it to sway the emotions of the masses.”
In addition to censorship, another tool commonly used to brainwash
and mislead is the element of disguise. You have seen those insects
that are able to disguise themselves as twigs or leaves, when in
reality they are nothing more than a chameleon. This is what the
Cancer Industry does. They pretend to be acting in the cancer
patient’s best interest, while they are actually acting in their own
best interest. Don’t be deceived into believing that the Cancer
Industry is comprised of altruistic folks who desperately want to find
a cure for cancer. They are concerned with one thing, and one thing
only: shareholder profits.
My favorite cancer website is by Webster
Kehr. I quote him throughout this book, due largely to the fact that
he grasps this issue and has more insight than anyone I have ever
met. He is a brilliant man. Here is his opinion of the media and its
relationship to Big Pharma: “The media has many different
techniques they routinely use to brainwash the general public. They
can all be summarized in two words: ‘whited sepulcher.’ They lie,
withhold information, deceive you, tell half-truths, and so on . . .
The media are nothing but worthless whores. They sell-out to the
highest bidder, which is always the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.
Everything they say is aimed to please those that pay the most .”
In his book, The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative
Medicine, Mr. Kehr uses a an excellent example to illustrate
brainwashing. He uses the theory of evolution, which is the only
theory of origins which is taught in our public schools. In his book,
the illustration is quite long, so I have summarized it here. To make
it simple, let’s assume that there are only 2 groups of people: 1)
those who believe in evolution and 2) those who believe in Creation.
The evolutionists represent the “Establishment” while the
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Creationists represent the “Renegades” who disagree with the
You have the choice of siding with the Establishment or the
Renegades. In some cases this choice could affect your job. For
example, if you are a Christian teaching biology in a public high
school and you teach Creationism in your classroom, then you might
lose your job. If you are looking for a promotion, then there is no
question as to which theory you will teach. The evolution side of the
fence has virtually all the benefits. But let’s just suppose you are one
of those rare people who are more interested in truth than benefits.
Suppose you want to know the truth about which theory is actually
based on the evidence. You first interview the evolutionists, since
you learned in school that evolution has been proven to be true.
The person tells you about the Big Bang, he elaborates on
microevolution, macroevolution, explains why there are no missing
links, and so on. As you are walking away, the evolutionist stops
you and begins to tell you why Creation is not a valid position and
continues to tell you that Christians are nothing but idiots and
buffoons. After this conversation, you feel that you understand both
sides of the origins issue. You decide it is not necessary to talk to a
Creationist because you already think you understand their views
and why their views are wrong. Now, if you made such a decision,
then you would be making a common mistake: you would have
heard both sides of the issue, but you would have only heard them
from one person on one side of the fence. But you haven’t heard the
arguments of the Creationists, from a Creationist, nor have you
heard why the Creationists think that the evolutionists are wrong.
Do you really know both sides of the issue? No you don’t! Until you
learn about the pro-Creationist views from a Creationist, and you
hear the anti-evolution views from a Creationist, you don’t have a
basis for making an objective decision. Now, our entire lives, we
have been taught that the Creationists are all a bunch of religious
nuts, haven’t we? We have been taught not to listen to the
“renegades.” We have been conditioned to believe that we already
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
have all the answers and that there are no open issues up for debate.
We have been taught not to listen to the people on both sides of the
However, one day, just for the heck of it, you decide to talk to a
Creationist. As he begins to speak, you are instantly amazed at the
fact that he can talk, since the evolutionists had always told you that
the Creationists had the IQ of a rodent and wore beenie caps with
rotors. Not only can he speak, but he waxes eloquent about DNA,
cell membranes, nucleotide chains, and protein chains. He states
that the complexity of the Universe mandates a Creator since it is
absurd that a 300,000 nucleotide chain can randomly form. And
even if it did, the statistical probability that the first DNA had a
permutation of nucleotides, such that 300 viable proteins could be
created by this DNA genome, has a probability that is far less than
He proves the necessity of a Creator due to the complexity of one
nucleotide chain, which is a component of DNA. You quickly do
some math in your head. You remember from science class that
there are 1080 atoms in our universe. Then, you imagine there are
1029,920 universes just like ours in a cluster (that is a one followed by
29,920 zeros). All of these universes combined would have 1030,000
atoms. WOW! Finally, you come out of your daydreaming and
realize that he was still talking while you were doing the math in
your head.
Then he tells you about the ridiculous probability of the first cell
membrane forming by accident. He articulates about how incredibly
complex a eukaryotic cell is, so complex that even the exobiologists
admit that one could not form by accident from a prebiotic pool.
Then you learn that the first DNA and first cell membrane could not
have formed in the same prebiotic pool, and thus you are told it was
virtually impossible that they could ever get together. He talks
about irreducibly complexity, and then he begins to tell you about
the problems with the evolutionist’s views.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
You learn about the mathematical absurdities which must be
accepted in order to have faith in the theory of evolution. You then
hear how “punctuated equilibrium” is really a super irreducibly
complex protein system, and how absurd it is to claim that it was not
necessary for irreducibly complex protein systems to have mutated
all at once, but at the same time to believe in punctuated
equilibrium. You hear why the phylogenetic tree is really a cover-up
for the gaps in transitional species. You also learn about the massive
assumptions evolutionists make with regards to carbon dating bones.
You also hear the totally unproven assumptions and very shallow
logic evolutionists make with respect to mitochondrial DNA and
nuclear DNA. And so on…
Ten hours pass and you realize that the Creationist is still talking.
You also realize it has been several hours since you had a clue what
he was talking about. This is not what you expected. You expected
some wild and crazy theories. But now you realize that Creationists
are not stupid, they are not buffoons, and they really do have some
very strong arguments. You also realize that the evolutionists had
no idea what the Creationists actually believed. You finally go
home, very confused.
According to Mr. Kehr, “This simple story demonstrates the very sad
state of affairs in America and throughout the world. Neither
schools, nor corporations, nor governments want anyone to hear
both sides of any issue from [the people on] both sides of the fence.
They would rather have a brainwashed student than a thinking
student. Schools act as if they have all of the answers and that it is
not necessary to teach students to think for themselves. Students are
graded on how well they regurgitate “facts,” not on how well they
think. Students learn very early on that all of the benefits are on one
side of the fence and that they should spend their life gathering up
the benefits.
He continues, “People are taught from birth to assume and expect
that those in the “establishment” (such as the schools, the news
broadcasters and newspapers): 1) Have no vested interests or
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
conflicts of interest, 2) Have perfect intelligence, 3) Have all the
facts for both sides of the fence, 4) Are totally neutral and unbiased,
5) Have perfect integrity, 6) Have your best interests in mind, and 7)
Are truly open-minded. And above all, you are never, never
allowed to think that money or power (i.e. benefits) could possibly
influence what the establishment teaches you. Dream on, this is the
real world we are talking about.”
This story is a perfect example of the propaganda we constantly hear
about alternative cancer treatments. Many cancer patients who
were pronounced “terminal” by their conventional doctors went on
to use alternative therapies, recovered fully, and are alive and well
10, 15, 20 or more years after their “terminal” diagnoses. However,
the Cancer Industry ignores the existence of these cancer survivors
or disdainfully dismisses them as “anecdotal evidence.” One trick
from Big Medicine is to claim that people who got well through
alternative therapies somehow magically recovered due to delayed
reaction from the “Big 3.” How absurd!
Another popular ploy of Big Medicine is to say that cancer patients
who were cured through alternative therapies simply underwent
“spontaneous remission.” This is medical lingo for “unexplained
recovery,” a fig leaf to cloak doctors’ ignorance of what actually
happened. The most comprehensive study ever undertaken on the
spontaneous remission of advanced cancers turned up only 176 such
cases in the world from 1900 to 1965. Statistically speaking, it never
happens! So, when you hear conventional doctors trying to imply
that Dr. Donald Kelley’s metabolic protocol did not really cure 93%
of 33,000 terminal cancer patients, but that all 30,690 cured patients
were merely cases of “spontaneous remission,” just laugh at them.
They are living in a dream world created by the Cancer Industry.
Money & Greed
In the Bible, 1 Timothy 6:10 says “the love of money is the root of all
kinds of evil.” The economics of cancer treatment are astonishing! In
the year 2004, over $72 BILLION was spent on cancer treatments in
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the U.S. alone! It’s easy to see why Big Medicine goes to such lengths
to destroy “quacks.” Those who profit from toxic therapies like
chemotherapy and radiation might be out of business and have to
find another way to send their kids to Harvard or Yale if an
effective, natural, non-toxic alternative were made available.
According to Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D. (two-time Nobel Prize
winner), “most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major
cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the
people who support them.” The marketing of toxic drugs lies at the
heart of Big Pharma. The pharmaceutical companies not only make
billions of dollars in profits from toxic chemotherapy drugs every
year, but they also make millions of dollars in profits every year for
developing drugs to treat the problems caused by the chemotherapy
drugs! “There is nothing else in the health-care field that can do
what a good prescription drug can do--on the money side. It is a
business to be envied by all.” - New York Times, July 28, 1989.
For 25 years, Patrick McGrady, Sr., was science editor of the ACS
and its principal “spin doctor” in the media. In 1978, he made an
interesting statement: “Nobody in the science and medical
departments (at the ACS) is capable of doing real science. They are
wonderful pros who know how to raise money. They don’t know
how to prevent cancer or cure patients.” www.viableherbal.
Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent
on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a
cure which is always “just around the corner,” cancer continues to
increase? Do you think that Big Pharma really wants somebody to
come along with an inexpensive, natural, effective cancer cure? Or
do you think that Big Pharma will do whatever it takes to retain
their profits? Do you really think that the Cancer Industry is
looking for a drug which is a “silver bullet” that wipes out cancer?
A silver bullet would result in the termination of research programs,
the obsolescence of skills, and an end to extravagant lifestyles of Big
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Pharma’s executives. A silver bullet would render obsolete the “Big
3” treatments which are essential to maintain the cash cow. Sadly,
the fact of the matter is that many of those in the medical
community have absolutely no interest in discovering a “silver
bullet” drug, since it would cost Big Pharma billions of dollars.
Could it be that the Cancer Industry fears a cure for cancer because
it would cut into their pocketbook? It is interesting to note that
written into the charter of the American Cancer Society is the clause
that states that if a cure for cancer is ever found, on that day, the
Society will disband. So think about it, is this an organization that is
truly going to be motivated to find a cure for cancer? What do you
think? To ask the American Cancer Society to find a cancer cure is
to say, “Now go and be successful. And then, once you have
achieved your goal, promptly commit suicide.”
The fact is that the eradication of cancer is by its very nature
opposed to the interests of Big Pharma, as it would destroy their
“investment.” In my opinion, Big Pharma’s main goal is to
perpetuate disease, not eradicate it. You see, they will do anything
to keep the “cash cow” alive and well. Their survival is dependent on
the elimination, by any means, of successful alternative cancer
treatments. No profitable business will ever try to eliminate itself.
That is why a cure for cancer will never come from the Cancer
Industry. It is a colossal act of political expediency and greed that
has turned what should have been an easy-to-solve medical puzzle
into the fraud that we now call the Cancer Industry.
Have you heard of Parkinson’s Second Law? “Expenditures rise to
meet income.” Every year, the “cancer collection plates” go out, to
industry, foundations, and private individuals. The mantra - “Give us
your money, because we are making progress every day and we can’t
stop now. We are just too close!” Revenues rise, so therefore,
expenditures must be created to justify the revenues. This
“anathematizes” the search for cancer cures that are natural and
inexpensive. This is why the entire apparatus of the Cancer Industry
is set up to suppress and censor any information that does not
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
support their widespread need for expensive, man-made cancer
In order to protect the profits of Big Pharma, any and all potentially
successful alternative cancer therapy must be disbelieved, denied,
discouraged, and disallowed at all costs. They are prepared to do
whatever it takes to suppress and censor all alternative cancer
treatments. Let me repeat myself: The Cancer Industry is prepared
to do whatever it takes to suppress and censor all successful
alternative cancer treatments. Whatever it takes…
Including bribery. One major reason that the healthcare system is in
such a mess today is that Big Medicine has allowed itself to be
bought off by Big Pharma. In his book Dissent in Medicine - Nine
Doctors Speak Out, Dr. Alan Levin, M.D. writes “Young physicians
are offered research grants by drug companies. Medical schools are
given large sums of money for clinical trials and basic
pharmaceutical research. Drug companies regularly host lavish
dinner and cocktail parties for groups of physicians. They provide
funding for the establishment of hospital buildings, medical school
buildings, and ‘independent’ research institutes…practicing
physicians are intimidated into using treatment regimes which they
know do not work. One glaring example is cancer chemotherapy.”
Mike Adams is one of my favorite journalists with
due to his candor and honesty. He states it bluntly, but accurately:
“It’s not an exaggeration to call this a medical holocaust. These drug
companies seem determined to dose the entire population with as
many simultaneous prescriptions as possible, as long as it generates
profits for their shareholders. Business ethics are nowhere to be
found in the pharmaceutical industry these days: it’s all about
money, profits, power and control.”
According to Dr. Guylaine Lanctot, M.D. in her book, The Medical
Mafia, “The medical establishment works closely with the drug
multinationals whose main objective is profits, and whose worst
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
nightmare would be an epidemic of good health. Lots of drugs
MUST be sold. In order to achieve this, anything goes: lies, fraud,
and kickbacks. Doctors are the principal salespeople of the drug
companies. They are rewarded with research grants, gifts, and lavish
perks. The principal buyers are the public - from infants to the
elderly - who MUST be thoroughly medicated and
any cost! Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine?
Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make
money with herbs, vitamins, and homeopathy. They cannot patent
natural remedies. That is why they push synthetics. They control
medicine, and that is why they are able to tell medical schools what
they can and cannot teach.”
In July 2004, Dr. Marcia Angell wrote an article entitled “The Truth
About The Drug Companies.” For 20 years, Dr. Angell was editor of
the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most esteemed
medical journals in the world. In the article, she states “over the past
two decades the pharmaceutical industry has moved very far from
its original high purpose of discovering and producing useful new
drugs. Now primarily a marketing machine to sell drugs of dubious
benefit, this industry uses its wealth and power to co-opt every
institution that might stand in its way, including the US Congress,
the FDA, academic medical centers, and the medical profession
She continues, “People need to know that there are some checks and
balances on this industry, so that its quest for profits doesn’t push
every other consideration aside. But there aren’t such checks and
balances … The most startling fact about 2002 is that the combined
profits for the ten drug companies in the Fortune 500 ($35.9 billion)
were more than the profits for all the other 490 businesses put
together ($33.7 billion).”
What is the heart of conventional medicine? According to Webster
Kehr: “Find a natural substance that cures something, bury this fact,
then fabricate, synthesize, and mutate the key natural substance,
then patent the mutation, and make huge profits.”
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
In his book, World Without Cancer-The Story of Vitamin B17, G.
Edward Griffin writes “With billions of dollars spent each year in
research, with additional billions taken in from the cancer-related
sale of drugs, and with vote-hungry politicians promising everincreasing
government programs, we find that, today, there are
more people making a living from cancer than dying from it. If the
riddle were to be solved by a simple vitamin, this gigantic
commercial and political industry could be wiped out overnight. The
result is that the science of cancer therapy is not nearly as
complicated as the politics of cancer therapy.”
The Cancer Industry survives and thrives by perpetually searching
for “the cure” but never finding it. This multi-billion dollar
juggernaut is simply not interested in finding a cure, unless that cure
consists of patented drugs that can be sold at a premium and patients
need to take it for the rest of their lives. So, in all actuality, the
Cancer Industry is perpetuating lies and fraud. This fraud is of
unspeakable magnitude, it has spanned more than a century, and it
has unnecessarily caused the premature deaths of tens of millions of
people, including both of my parents.
Dr. Matthias Rath hits the nail on the head when he states “the
pharmaceutical industry is an investment industry driven by the
profits of its shareholders. Improving human health is not the
driving force of this industry.” He continues, “never before in the
history of mankind was a greater crime committed than the
genocide organized by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in the interest
of the multi-billion dollar investment business with disease.”
Doctors & Education
Before mom died, she was cared for by some of the finest doctors in
the U.S. Dr. Tim Shepherd is one of the finest doctors I know. He
and his wife, Virginia Shepherd, are two of the most wonderful
Christians I’ve ever met. They opened their own home to my
mother and cared for her as if she were their own parent. Their 11
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
children “adopted” mom as their very own grandmom and each one
of them held a special place in mom’s heart. I am eternally grateful
to the entire Shepherd family – they will always hold a special place
in my heart.
If I had a medical crisis, I would trust most doctors to give me the
finest care possible. If I were involved in a car accident and needed a
limb to be reconnected, I would definitely head for a hospital. Some
of the recent accomplishments in the medical world are astounding.
Many medical conditions which would have been a death sentence
50 years ago are now easily cured with amazing advancements in
medical technology. I am constantly amazed at the complex medical
procedures which are regularly and successfully performed today. I
recently saw a special on TV which showed an operation where
doctors cured a small girl of Turret’s Syndrome through placing an
electrode in her brain. It was truly amazing. I saw another special
where surgeons reconstructed the face of a lady whose facial skin
had been eaten by parasites. I was astounded! Just last month, my
niece, Ashley Toothman, had successful open heart surgery to repair
a hole in her heart. Had the year been 1956 rather than 2006, young
Ashley would not have seen her 1st birthday. But praise God for the
doctors who are able to perform these miraculous operations! These
are just a few examples of the enormous advancements in medical
technology and procedures over the past half century.
However, while incredible advancements have been made in many
areas of medicine, the view of most doctors concerning the
treatment of cancer has been obscured by the disinformation
propagated by the cancer propaganda machine. The bottom line is
that most doctors do exactly what Big Medicine tells them to do and
have not learned to think for themselves. Most doctors are still
thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer. The problem is
that the cancer “box” is largely the creation of Big Pharma
attempting to peddle their poisons (such as chemotherapy) in an
effort to increase profits for their shareholders at the expense of the
cancer patient.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
The Cancer Industry is built on the foundation of treating the
symptoms of cancer, while doing virtually nothing to treat the
actual cause of cancer or prevent it. It reminds me of an old Chinese
proverb: “The superior doctor prevents sickness; the mediocre
doctor attends to impending sickness; the inferior doctor treats
actual sickness.” However, the problem is not the doctors…it is the
system. I want to make it clear that I firmly believe that most
doctors are altruistic champions for their patients and sincerely want
what is best for them. Make no mistake, I wholeheartedly believe
that most doctors make decisions based upon what they think is best
for the patient. “Think” being the key word. Unfortunately, most
oncologists (cancer doctors) do not even consider cancer treatments
that they were not taught in medical school. As I mentioned, doctors
also suffer from the no way factor. They believe that if alternative
treatments worked, then there is no way that they would have
graduated from medical school without learning these protocols.
In other words, most doctors have a tendency to believe that not
only what they were taught must be true, but they also believe that
what they were not taught must not be important! So you can rest
assured that your doctor has likely been brainwashed into believing
that the only viable treatments for cancer are chemo, surgery, and
radiation. Poison, slash, and burn! “The Big 3.” It is also likely that
our doctor knows next to nothing about nutrition or alternative
cancer treatments and fully believes that alternative practitioners are
nothing but “quacks.” Go ahead, ask your doctor about vitamin
therapy, or enzyme therapy, or oxygen therapy. Be prepared to be
ridiculed for being so gullible and believing such “hogwash.”
Where does your doctor get his “continuing education”? Any idea?
Those “prestigious” medical journals, you know, the ones so
prominently displayed on the cabinets. This is likely your doctor’s
only source to keep abreast of the new developments in the medical
field. These journals pretend to be so objective and scientific and
incorruptible, but the reality is that they don’t want to alienate their
advertisers – Big Pharma. Those full-page drug ads in the top
medical journals cost millions of dollars!
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
How long do you think Big Pharma will pay for ad space in a journal
that prints sound scientific evidence that attacks the safety of their
“latest and greatest” drug in the centerfold? Think about it. The
editors of these medical journals may lack character, but they aren’t
stupid. They know who “butters their bread.”
You think those medical journals are above reproach because they
are “peer-reviewed”? Think again, folks. Studies show that fraud in
“peer-reviewed” medical journals is commonplace. In 1987, the New
England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) ran an article that followed the
research of Dr. R. Slutsky, M.D. over a 7 year period. During that
time, Slutsky had published 137 articles in several peerreviewed
journals. NEJM uncovered evidence that in 60 of
these 137 articles, there was either misrepresentation or
outright fraud. That’s right…almost 44% were fraudulent!
Then you have the “domino effect” which takes place when
scientific fraud in “peer-reviewed” journals is quoted by other
researchers, who are re-quoted, and so on, and so on. And then you
also have what I call the “incest factor,” where the authors of peerreviewed
articles are “in bed” with Big Pharma. There is a formal
requirement for all medical journals that any financial ties between
an author and a product manufacturer be disclosed in the article. But
we live in the real world, where this almost never happens. In
1998, Dr. Henry T. Stelfox showed that 23 of 24 authors (96%)
defending the safety of calcium channel antagonists had
financial ties with manufacturers of these same drugs!
Medical journals absolutely love to advertise the latest
chemotherapy drug. Don’t believe me? Go check one out. You will
be amazed at the number of chemotherapy ads. So, while oncologists
may not be intentionally deceiving their patients, they are, in fact,
deceiving them and eventually participating in their death when
they prescribe conventional treatments for cancer. Just as ignorance
of the law is no excuse, neither is ignorance of proven medical facts.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
I have heard many people express gratitude for chemotherapy or
radiation, stating that it gave their mother or father or uncle an
additional 3 or 5 years before they died. How sad it is to think that
they likely would have lived much, much longer than 3 to 5 years if
they had refused the conventional treatment and pursued one of
many proven successful alternative cancer treatments. The fact of
the matter is that their loved one likely survived 3 to 5 years in spite
of the conventional treatment rather than because of the treatment.
Remember the study I mentioned earlier which concluded that the
promotional literature sent to doctors by pharmaceutical companies
has absolutely no basis in scientific fact? The study showed that
virtually all of the data in Big Pharma’s promotional brochures is
either imprecise or has been overstated. Now here’s the scary thing:
most doctors rely on the information in these brochures when
making a decision about what drugs to prescribe to patients. They
have blind, unsubstantiated faith that Big Pharma is engaged in
rigorous scientific studies and clinical trials, they read the brochures,
believe the lies, and then prescribe the drugs to their patients. Want
more of the “Incest Factor”? Check this out: the Journal of the
American Medical Association (JAMA) reported in February 2002
that 87% of the physicians involved in the establishment of national
guidelines on disease have financial ties to Big Pharma. Talk about a
conflict of interests!
As a result of prescribing toxic drugs, doctors kill patients. Did you
know that doctors are the 3rd leading cause of death? In the July 26,
2000 issue of the JAMA, Dr. Barbara Starfield documented that over
225,000 deaths each year are due to “iatrogenic” causes. What does
“iatrogenic“ mean? This term is defined as “induced in a patient by a
doctor’s activity, manner, or therapy.” In the 1966 Annals of
Internal Medicine, Doctors Beaty and Petersdorf write that
“iatrogenic problems are cumulative, and in an effort to extricate
himself from complications of diagnosis and therapy, the physician
may compound the problem by having to employ manoeuvres that
are in themselves risky.” Translation: Doctors oftentimes perform
risky procedures or prescribe toxic drugs to “cover their tracks” from
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
problems caused by previously prescribed toxic drugs and risky
In the U.S. alone, for instance, it is estimated that medical mistakes
in hospitals have killed 7.8 million Americans in the last decade.
This is more than the combined casualties of all the wars the U.S.
has fought in its entire history. (Gary Null et al, Death by Medicine).
With the above in mind, it is not surprising that during a one month
physicians’ strike in Israel in 1973, the national death rate reached
the lowest ever. According to statistics by the Jerusalem Burial
Society, the number of funerals dropped by almost 50% (Hans
Ruesch, Naked Empress or the Great Medical Fraud).
Again, let me repeat, I am not saying that individual doctors are the
problem. The problem is the system. Most medical students have no
reason to question the information which they are being taught and
are ridiculed if they do ask “uncomfortable” questions. Young
doctors who wish to succeed know that they must remain
unquestioningly faithful to the “established truths.” Any doctor
who “rocks the boat” will soon find himself floundering in deep
water, and likely struggling to survive! To be successful, a doctor
must respect the errors of his elders, hold fast to the dogma of his
teachers, and close his mind to theories which are “outside the box.”
Ironically, medicine is a field which demands conformity, and there
is little tolerance for opinions opposing the status quo. Doctors
cannot warn you about what they themselves do not know, and
with little time for further education once they begin practice, they
are, in a sense, held captive by a system which discourages them
from acquiring information independently and forming their own
opinions. Unlike many other countries, the USA supports only one
kind of medicine: conventional. Because of this, many Americans,
including both of my parents, have been denied many vital health
choices. “Your family doctor is no longer free to choose the
treatment he or she feels is best for you, but must follow the dictates
established by physicians whose motives and alliances are such that
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
their decisions may not be in your best interests,” says Dr. Alan
Levin, M.D.
Those few doctors that dare to question the status quo are frequently
ostracized and blackballed. You should know that a physician risks
jail time and having his medical license revoked for recommending
or using alternative cancer treatments, despite the fact that there is
overwhelming scientific evidence to support their use. Doctors who
dare to offer patients new hope and new treatments are scorned,
abused, persecuted, vilified, forced to go into hiding, or threatened
with imprisonment. For instance, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski of
Houston, Texas uses non-toxic antineoplastons to successfully treat
brain cancer, non Hodgkins lymphoma, and many common cancers.
The FDA’s lawyers have spent tens of millions of dollars and almost
2 decades trying to put Dr. Burzynski in jail.
The FDA has a track record of raiding the offices of alternative
practitioners, destroying their medical records, and even putting
them in jail. In addition, many doctors are afraid of expensive, time
consuming lawsuits, and their insurance carrier may drop them if
they use alternative treatments. Their state medical boards may fine
them and revoke their license. And remember, doctors are human.
Due to the fact that others doctors will publicly ridicule them if they
use alternative treatments, many doctors succumb to recommending
the “Big 3” as a result of peer pressure.
Disturbingly, the truth is that a bureaucratic tangle of politicians,
attorneys, CEOs, and huge international corporations has taken
control over our health care system, and it is they who dictate which
cancer treatments are allowed and which ones are not. Doctors are
basically left out in the dark when it comes to policy making
decisions concerning cancer treatment. Sadly, the fact is that our
sincere, dedicated, doctors, and nurses who genuinely care about
their patients have very little input concerning the type of cancer
therapies they are “allowed” to use. Bottom line: Don’t expect a
doctor working “inside the box” to buck the system. The risks are
too great.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Prescription Drugs
Did you know that prescription drugs kill over 100,000 Americans
each and every year? Did you know that prescription drugs injure
over 2 million Americans each and every year? These figures are
straight from the Journal of the American Medical Association. This
is remarkable! When you visit your doctor and take even a single
prescription, you are beginning what I call the “Big Pharma Trap.”
The only way to escape this trap and actually restore your health is
to give up all prescription drugs and make essential changes to your
diet and lifestyle.
But don’t prescription drugs perform miracles for people’s health?
Don’t they make us healthier? Well, if you watch 30 minutes of TV
during prime time, you will likely see several commercials which
“preach the gospel” of prescription drugs, loudly proclaiming that
they can do wonders for people, such as helping with depression,
lowering cholesterol, increasing libido, eliminating allergies,
calming children, and reversing osteoporosis, just to name a few.
But if prescription drugs are so good for us, then let me ask you one
question: Where are all the “healthy” people on drugs?
There really aren’t any, are there? If prescription drugs were good
for us, then shouldn’t there be tens of millions of Americans who are
on prescription drugs who are also mentally sharp, physically fit,
bursting with energy, and emotionally healthy? Well, where are
these people? Typically, when you meet someone who is taking
multiple prescription drugs, they are mentally fuzzy, sickly in
appearance, chronically fatigued, and emotionally unstable and
My grandmom is currently taking over 15 prescription drugs, and
her health has slowly deteriorated as her prescriptions have
increased. Have you ever seen someone taking 15 prescriptions who
has a clean bill of health? If you head down to your local organic
market and approach the healthiest people you find, why don’t you
ask which prescription drugs are responsible for their health? After
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
looking a bit dazed and confused, they will likely tell you that they
do not take prescription drugs! The bottom line is that prescription
drugs make people sicker.
Here’s why. During development, prescription drugs are designed to
target a single measurable marker, such as cholesterol level. Let’s
examine statin drugs for an example. Now, while statin drugs do
lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), their mechanism of
accomplishing this is the problem. They lower cholesterol by
inhibiting the liver’s ability to create all types of cholesterol,
including HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). So, while statin drugs
may positively effect one marker, they concurrently disrupt the
body’s physiology in many other ways.
So, when patients begin to have additional problems which are
caused by the prescription drugs, what do they do? They head back
to the doctor’s office where their doctor diagnoses them with
another disease or disorder. And then, they give them another
prescription drug to help “fix” the problems caused by the first drug.
I used to wait tables, and when you convince a person to order a
dessert with their meal, it is called “upselling.” This is exactly what
Big Pharma loves – doctors who upsell their patients with more
expensive prescription drugs! It’s the Big Pharma Trap. What’s the
result? Higher earnings per share! Of course! And the cycle
continues…one prescription after another, like boxcars on a train.
Finally, the patient is broke and suffering from chemical toxicity
resulting from prescription drugs.
When you take prescription drugs on a long-term basis, it is certain
that you will end up worse than you began. Now, I’m not saying that
prescription drugs are totally useless. Let’s look at statin drugs again.
An overweight man suffering from extremely high cholesterol is
clearly at risk of a heart attack. Now, statin drugs may be
legitimately used for a short period of time just to fend off a heart
attack while he makes some fundamental changes to his diet and
exercise regimen and is able to lose weight and lower his risk of
heart attack. That’s a reasonable, legitimate use of prescription
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
drugs. However, this is not the way they’re being promoted today.
Thanks to the culture of greed at Big Pharma and their prevalent
lack of ethics, statins and other drugs are being “pushed” as at
lifetime medications while changes in diet and exercise are
mentioned only in passing.
Big Pharma is able to obtain the FDA’s “blessing” for their latest
miracle drug since the clinical trials focus only on one marker while
basically ignoring the other detrimental systemic effects of the drug.
Their goal is to positively impact one particular marker, thus gaining
FDA “approval” as fast as possible. There are literally thousands of
markers to target, and if a prescription drug can “positively alter”
just one of these markers (without killing too many people during
clinical trials), then the FDA will likely approve the drug, despite
the lack of evidence on the systemic effect of the drug on other body
functions. This is just one of many problems with prescription drugs,
since they all have a systemic effect.
The numerous other deleterious effects that the drug may have on
the human body are largely ignored. And since prescription drugs
have a systemic effect, they all have “side effects.” When clinical
trial participants start showing these side effects, they are usually
“excused” from the trial to make sure that trial results spin the
newest “wonder drug” in a positive light. This is the standard
operating procedure for the FDA and is the way that extremely toxic
drugs are actually approved considered to be “safe.”
In his 1980 book Confessions of a Medical Heretic, famed medical
writer and pediatrician, Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, accused doctors of
having “seeded the entire population with these powerful drugs.” He
states that “every year, from 8 to 10 million Americans go to the
doctor when they have a cold. About ninety-five percent of them
come away with a prescription - half of which are for antibiotics.”
According to Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, some prescription
drugs are marked up an astounding 500,000% from the cost of their
raw ingredients (no, that’s not a typo), and a big chunk of that
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
money goes right back into the big propaganda machine. Big Pharma
claims that they need those exorbitant prices to invest in R&D, but
in reality, they spend far more on advertising than they spend on
R&D. Adams waxes eloquent when he states, “our system of
modern medicine is a sham, folks. It is legalized drug pushing
dominated by Big Pharma. The science is largely distorted (and often
outright fraudulent), the ethics have all but disappeared, and the
long-term price of all this is going to be enormous. We have an
unprecedented problem on our hands that’s sickening an entire
generation and creating stratospheric long-term health care costs for
the next round of working taxpayers unlucky enough to stumble
onto all this. ”
An Allegory
“Welcome to the town of Allopath“
There once was a town called Allopath. It had many people, streets
and cars, but due to budget limitations, there were no stop signs or
traffic lights anywhere in Allopath. Not surprisingly, traffic
accidents were common. Cars would crash into each other at nearly
every intersection. But business was booming for the auto repair
shops and local hospitals, which dominated the economy of
Allopath. As the population of Allopath grew, traffic accidents
increased to an alarming level. Out of desperation, the city council
hired Doctor West, a doctor of the Motor Division (M.D.) to find a
Dr. West spent days examining traffic accidents. He carried an
assortment of technical gear -- microscopes, chemical analysis
equipment, lab gear -- and put them all to work as part of his
investigation. The townspeople of Allopath watched on with great
curiosity while Dr. West went about his work, meticulously
documenting and analyzing each traffic accident, and they awaited
his final report with great interest. After weeks of investigation, Dr.
West called the people of Allopath to a town meeting for the release
of his report. There, in front of the city council and most of the
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
residents of Allopath, he announced his findings: “Traffic accidents
are caused by skid marks.”
As Dr. West explained, he found and documented a near-100%
correlation between traffic accidents and skid marks. “Wherever we
find these cars colliding,” he explained, “we also find these skid
marks.” The town had “Skid Marks Disease,” the doctor explained,
and the answer to the town’s epidemic of traffic accidents would,
“…require nothing more than treating Skid Marks Disease by
making the streets skid-proof,” Dr. West exclaimed, to great
applause from the townspeople.
The city paid Dr. West his consulting fee, then asked the good
doctor to propose a method for treating this Skid Marks Disease. As
chance would have it, Dr. West had recently been on a trip to
Hawaii paid for by a chemical company that manufactured
roadaceuticals: special chemicals used to treat roads for situations
just like this one. He recommended a particular chemical coating to
the city council: teflon. “We can treat this Skid Marks Disease by
coating the roads with teflon,” Dr. West explained. “The streets will
then be skid-proof, and all the traffic accidents will cease!” He went
on to describe the physical properties of teflon and how its nearfrictionless
coating would deter nearly all vehicle skids.
The city council heartily agreed with Dr. West, and they issued new
public bonds to raise the money required to buy enough teflon to
coat all the city’s streets. Within weeks, the streets were completely
coated, and the skid marks all but disappeared. The city council paid
Dr. West another consulting fee and thanked him for his expertise.
The problem of traffic accidents in Allopath was solved, they
thought. Although the cure was expensive, they were convinced it
was worth it.
But things weren’t well in Allopath. Traffic accidents quadrupled.
Hospital beds were overflowing with injured residents. Auto repair
businesses were booming so much that most of the city council
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
members decided to either open their own car repair shops or invest
in existing ones.
Week after week, more and more residents of Allopath were
injured, and their cars were repeatedly damaged. Money piled into
the pockets of the car repair shops, hospitals, tow truck companies
and car parts retailers. The town economic advisor, observing this
sharp increase in economic activity, announced that Allopath was
booming. Its economy was healthier than ever, and Allopath could
look forward to a great year of economic prosperity!
There were jobs to be had at the car repair shops. There were more
nurses needed at the hospital. “Help wanted” signs appeared all over
town at the paramedic station, the tow truck shops, and the auto
glass businesses. Unemployment dropped to near zero. But the
traffic accidents continued to increase. And yet there were no skid
The city council was baffled. They thought they had solved this
problem. Skid Marks Disease had been eradicated by the teflon
treatment. Why were traffic accidents still happening? They called
a town meeting to discuss the problem, and following a short
discussion of the problem, an old hermit, who lived in the forest just
outside of Allopath, addressed the townspeople. “There is no such
thing as Skid Marks Disease,” he explained. “This disease was
invented by the roadaceuticals company to sell you teflon coatings.”
The townspeople were horrified to hear such a statement. They
knew Skid Marks Disease existed. The doctor had told them so. How
could this hermit, who had no Motor Division (M.D.) degree, dare
tell them otherwise? How could he question their collective town
wisdom in such a way?
“This is a simple problem,” the hermit continued. “All we need to do
is build stop signs and traffic lights. Then the traffic accidents will
cease.” Without pause, one city council member remarked, “But
how can we afford stop signs? We’ve spent all our money on teflon
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
treatments!” The townspeople agreed. They had no money to buy
stop signs.
Another council member added, “And how can we stop anyway?
The streets are all coated with teflon. If we build stop signs, we’ll
waste all the money we’ve spent on teflon!” The townspeople
agreed, again. What use were stop signs if they couldn’t stop their
cars anyway?
The hermit replied, “But the stop signs will eliminate the need for
teflon. People will be able to stop their cars, and accidents will cease.
The solution is simple.”
But what might happen if stop signs actually worked, the
townspeople wondered. How would it affect the booming economy
of Allopath? Realizing the consequences, a burly old man who
owned a local repair shop jumped to his feet and said, “If we build
these stop signs, and traffic accidents go down, I’ll have to fire most
of my workers!”
It was at that Moment that most of the townspeople realized there
own jobs were at stake. If stop signs were built, nearly everyone
would be unemployed. They all had jobs in emergency response
services, car repair shops, hospitals and teflon coating maintenance.
Some were now sales representatives of the roadaceuticals company.
Others were importers of glass, tires, steel and other parts for cars. A
few clever people were making a fortune selling wheelchairs and
crutches to accident victims.
One enterprising young gentleman started a scientific journal that
published research papers describing all the different kind of Skid
Marks Diseases that had been observed and documented. Another
person, a fitness enthusiast, organized an annual run to raise funds to
find the cure for Skid Marks Disease. It was a popular event, and all
the townspeople participated as best they could: jogging, walking, or
just pushing themselves along in their wheelchairs.
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
One way or another, nearly everyone in Allopath was economically
tied to Skid Marks Disease. Out of fear of losing this economic
prosperity, the townspeople voted to create a new public safety
agency: the Frequent Drivers Association (FDA). This FDA would be
responsible for approving or rejecting all signage, technology and
chemical coatings related to the town’s roads.
The FDA’s board members were chosen from among the business
leaders of the community: the owner of the car shop, the owner of
the ambulance company, and of course, Dr. West.
Soon after its inception, the FDA announced that Skid Marks
Disease was, indeed, very real, as it had been carefully documented
by a doctor and recently published in the town Skid Marks Disease
journal. Since there were no studies whatsoever showing stop signs
to be effective for reducing traffic accidents, the FDA announced
that stop signs were to be outlawed, and that any person attempting
to sell stop signs would be charged with fraud and locked up in the
town jail.
This pleased the townspeople of Allopath. With the FDA, they knew
their jobs were safe. They could go on living their lives of economic
prosperity, with secure jobs, knowing that the FDA would outlaw
any attempt to take away their livelihood. They still had a lot of
traffic accidents, but at least their jobs were secure.
And so life continued in Allopath. For a short while, at least. as
traffic accidents continued at a devastating rate, more and more
residents of Allopath were injured or killed. Many were left bedridden,
unable to work, due to their injuries. In time, the population
dwindled. The once-booming town of Allopath eventually became
little more than a ghost town. The hospital closed its doors, the FDA
was disbanded, and the Skid Marks Disease journal stopped printing.
The few residents remaining eventually realized nothing good had
come of Skid Marks Disease, the teflon coatings and the FDA. No
one was any better off, as all the town’s money had been spent on
Chapter 2 – Lies, Propaganda, & Greed Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the disease: the teflon coatings, car parts and emergency services. No
one was any healthier, or happier, or longer-lived. Most, in fact, had
lost their entire families to Skid Marks Disease.
And the hermit? He continued to live just outside of town, at the
end of a winding country road, where he lived a simple life with no
cars, no roads, no teflon coatings and no FDA. He outlived every
single resident of Allopath. He gardened, took long walks through
the forest, and gathered roots, leaves and berries to feed himself. In
his spare time, he constructed stop signs, waiting for the next
population to come along, and hoping they might listen to an old
hermit with a crazy idea:
. . . that prevention is the answer, not the treatment of symptoms.
-- This fable was authored by Mike Adams, “the Health Ranger”
-- Video of this fable can be seen on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website:

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