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Mercury & Alzheimer's-Chapter 20

For decades, most people have seen a visit to the dentist and
subsequent cavity filling as a necessary and regular procedure. Side
effects have not routinely been brought to light, so few have
challenged the status quo. Evidence suggests, however, that such an
apparently harmless procedure can have serious detrimental effects.
Did you know that dental amalgam, popularly called “silver fillings,”
are actually 50% mercury? Mercury is a deadly poison, and it wreaks
havoc with the human body. The mercury contained in dental
amalgam would be hazardous waste in a river, yet it’s sitting in your
mouth. What is wrong with this picture?
Amalgam dental fillings have been shown to be 100%
safe. There is no relationship between fillings, mercury,
and Alzheimer’s Disease.
Amalgam dental fillings create “toxic teeth.” For several
decades, it has been known that heavy metals,
including mercury, are a cause of Alzheimer’s disease
and multiple other chronic health problems.
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
In the last chapter, we learned about the danger of vaccinations due
to the toxic ingredients, including mercury and aluminum. In this
chapter, we will look closely at the relationship between “silver”
amalgam (i.e. mercury) dental fillings, and Alzheimer’s disease.
Mercury Madness. Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland? Do
you remember the “Mad Hatter?” Did you know that the term “mad
as a hatter” originated from a disease peculiar to the hat making
industry in the 1800s? A complicated set of processes was needed to
turn the fur into a finished hat. With the cheaper sorts of fur, an
early step was to brush a solution of a mercury compound on the fur
to roughen the fibers. This caused the hatters to breathe in the
fumes of this highly toxic metal, leading to an accumulation of
mercury in the hatter’s bodies. This resulted in symptoms such as
trembling (known as “hatters’ shakes”), slurred speech, loss of
coordination, anxiety, personality changes, depression, and memory
loss. This eventually became known as “Mad Hatter Syndrome,” and
is still used today to describe mercury poisoning.
The ADA continues to remain in denial about the toxicity of
mercury. In an ADA news release on June 13, 2001, ADA President
Robert Anderton stated, “There is no sound scientific evidence
supporting a link between amalgam fillings and systemic diseases or
chronic illness.” Shame on you Dr. Anderton! This is a blatant lie.
All evidence indicates that “silver” amalgam fillings (which typically
contain close to 50% mercury) are extremely toxic to the human
body. The now deceased Dr. Patrick Störtebecker, M.D., Ph.D., the
world renowned neurologist and writer from Stockholm, Sweden,
wrote in his book Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam – a
Hazard to Human Brain, “Dental amalgam is a highly unstable metal
that easily gives off mercury vapor. The most dangerous route for
transport of mercury vapor, being released from dental amalgams, is
from the mucous membranes of the upper nasal cavity and directly
upwards to the brain where mercury vapor easily penetrates the
dura mater (i.e. blood-brain barrier). Mercury (vapor) can act in a
much stronger concentration straight on the brain cells.”
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
You wouldn’t take a leaky thermometer, put it in your mouth, and
leave it there 24 hours a day, would you? But, according to Dr.
Michael Ziff, executive director of the International Academy of
Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), that is “exactly what
happens when an amalgam filling is installed in your mouth.”
According to Tom Warren, “Worldwide there are over 4000
research papers indicating mercury is a highly toxic substance.
How can dentists be so thoughtless as to place one of the
deadliest toxins in existence 2 inches from our brain?”
Evidence now demonstrates that amalgam fillings are constantly
being broken down and then are released into the mouth. These
minute particles of mercury filling are then acted upon by oral and
intestinal bacteria to produce methyl mercury (an even more toxic
form of mercury than elemental mercury) with target areas being
primarily the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and the brain. That’s
right, the brain! After the fillings have been inserted into the mouth,
subtle changes in blood chemistry have been observed that point to
specific chronic disease, e.g., cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), and
Alzheimer’s. The difficulty in recognizing the “amalgam connection”
to chronic disease is that clinical symptoms are not present until the
patient’s immune system collapses, which may be in 40 or 50 years.
So how much mercury is in your mouth? There is approximately ½
gram of mercury in each dental filling. You may think that since you
only have a couple of mercury fillings it’s not a big deal. Think
again. According to Dr. Richard Fischer, past president of the
IAOMT, “Dental amalgam (‘silver’) fillings contribute more mercury
to the body burden in humans than all other sources (dietary, air,
water, vaccines, etc.) combined. These fillings contain 50% mercury
– which is more neurotoxic than lead, cadmium, or even arsenic. To
put this in perspective, the amount of mercury contained in one
average size filling exceeds the U.S. E.P.A. standard for human
exposure for over 100 years. Put in other terms, it takes only ½ gram
of mercury (the amount in one filling) to contaminate all fish in a
10-acre lake.”
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
According to Pam Floener, spokesperson for the IAOMT, “The
metallic mercury used by dentists to manufacture dental amalgam is
shipped as a hazardous material to the dental office. When amalgams
are removed, for whatever reason, they are treated as hazardous
waste and are required to be disposed of in accordance with OSHA
regulations and it is inconceivable that the mouth could be
considered a safe storage container for this toxic material.”
So, let me get this straight…if a dentist were to dump some mercury
amalgam in a lake, he’d be breaking the law. But if this same dentist
dumps some mercury in your mouth (via dental amalgam fillings),
then it’s completely legal and would no longer be considered a
threat to the environment. “I don’t feel comfortable using a
substance designated by the Environmental Protection Agency to be
a waste disposal hazard. I can’t throw it in the trash, bury it in the
ground, or put it in a landfill, but they say it is OK to put it in
people’s mouths. That doesn’t make sense.” - Richard Fischer, D.D.S.
According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D. mercury toxicity
expert at the American Academy of Neural Therapy, “As soon as
anybody has any type of medical illness or symptom, whether
medical or emotional, the amalgam fillings should be removed and
the mercury residues should be eliminated from the body, especially
the brain.” Dr. Klinghardt’s axiom is
as follows: “Most – if not all – chronic infectious diseases are not
caused by a failure of the immune system, but are a conscious
adaptation of the immune system to an otherwise lethal heavy metal
But don’t expect your dentist to jump on board with you if you ask
to have your fillings removed. According to the ADA’s code of
ethics, a dentist who acknowledges that mercury amalgam fillings
are toxic and recommends their removal has acted unethically.
According to ADA Resolution 42H-1986, “The removal of amalgam
restorations from the non-allergic patient for the alleged purpose of
removing toxic substances from the body when such treatment is
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
performed solely at the recommendation of the dentist is improper
and unethical....” What? Unethical to remove toxic poison from your
mouth? Yet more proof that the ADA is still in the Dark Ages…
Did you know that dentists have the highest rate of suicide of any
profession? They also suffer a high incidence of depression and
memory disorders. Two of the effects of mercury poisoning are loss
of memory and depression. Do you think the high rate of suicide
(due to depression) and memory disorders in dentists has anything
to do with low-level mercury exposure over several years? This is
mercury toxicity, plain and simple.
The Alzheimer’s Connection. You may have heard that lead
poisoning is suspected to cause Alzheimer’s, but according to Dr.
Marcia Basciano, D.D.S., “The maximum amount of mercury that
the Environment Protection Agency allows people to be exposed to
is 5,000 times smaller than the permissible amount of lead exposure;
in other words the EPA apparently considers mercury to be 5,000
times more toxic than lead.”
It is likely that the most common cause of Alzheimer’s disease is due
to toxic mercury that leaches from amalgam dental fillings. Dr.
Charles Williamson, co-director of the Toxic Studies Institute, states
“there are studies from world renowned institutions that
categorically show a cause-and-effect relationship between mercury
and disease; this is particularly true of Alzheimer’s.”
According to Dr. Murray Vimy, a researcher from the University of
Calgary, Canada, and member of the WHO: “On March 9, 1995, a
friend faxed to me her mother’s autopsy report from Mayo Clinic.
Her mother died of AD (Alzheimer’s Disease). The poor woman had
53 times more mercury in her brain than people who die of other
In 1991, Dr. Boyd Haley, Ph.D., a research toxicologist at the
University of Kentucky in Lexington discovered some hard evidence
that changed the mercury debate for good. “It was almost
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
accidental…I found out how damaging mercury amalgam is to the
brain while studying tissue affected by Alzheimer’s disease…I did an
experiment. I put mercury amalgam in water. Then, I placed a
sample of brain tissue in that water and checked on it over time.
After a period of several weeks, I noticed that the exposure to
mercury had suppressed the secretion from the brain tissue of
tubulin—a major enzyme that performs critical functions in the
brain. This finding was consistent both with mercury toxicity and
with brain tissue as affected by Alzheimer’s disease. From that, I
concluded that there’s clearly leakage from mercury amalgam—and
that there’s a strong probability that people who have such fillings in
their teeth are being exposed to chronic, low-dose mercury
Dr. Haley continues, “[dentists] insist mercury amalgam is safe, nontoxic
and that it doesn’t leak...[but] mercury is a neurotoxin.
It leeches out of dental fillings, of that there is no doubt
…it heightens the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
as well as other neurological disorders. Dentists defend
their use of mercury amalgam, but it’s unjustifiable. I feel like I’ve
been arguing with the town drunk for eight or nine years.
My conclusion is simple and direct: mercury is the toxicant
behind Alzheimer’s. It may not be the only one, but mercury’s role
in the development of Alzheimer’s disease is clear.”
Other scientists have shown that trace amounts of mercury can
cause the type of nerve damage that is characteristic of the damage
found in Alzheimer’s disease. The level of mercury exposure used in
the test was well below those levels found in many humans with
mercury/amalgam dental fillings. The research was conducted at the
University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine by professors Fritz
Lorscheider and Naweed Syed. The professors found that exposure
to mercury caused the formation of “neurofibrillar tangles,” which
are one of the two diagnostic markers for Alzheimer’s disease.
Previous research has shown that mercury can cause the formation
of the other Alzheimer’s disease marker, “amyloid plaques.”
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Dr. Lorsheider and Dr. Syed noted that no other material or metal
tested, including aluminum, has ever produced even remotely
similar reactions. They also produced the visual documentation of
the biochemical mechanism by which the introduction of mercury
induces hallmark diagnostic markers indistinguishable from those
seen in the Alzheimer’s diseased brain. When Dr. Lorscheider
submitted the paper to the British journal NeuroReport, which
eventually published it (NeuroReport, 12(4):733-737, 2001), he
added the video as an accompanying document, making it one of the
few times that a piece of animation was subjected to the peer-review
process. View it the video here:
Get Rid of the Mercury & Reverse Alzheimer’s. According to Dr. H.
Richard Casdorph, “In large measure, those martyred by dementia
are showing the results of toxicity from mercury, aluminium, lead,
cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals. Their neurons have been
poisoned. They are turned into Alzheimer’s victims directly through
the efforts of dentists who blindly follow the party line of their trade
union organisation, the ADA. Since 1952 the medical profession has
had the means to reduce or reverse the signs and symptoms of
Alzheimer’s disease.” What…reverse Alzheimer’s? Is he nuts? Based
upon my research, he is 100% accurate. I recommend the following
report by Tom Warren entitled “Reversing Alzheimer’s Disease”:
In the above quote, Dr. Casdorph is referring to chelation therapy.
Taken from the Greek word “chele” meaning “claw,” the word
chelation refers to the way the therapy binds heavy metals, toxins,
and metabolic wastes in the bloodstream. According to Doctors H.
Richard Casdorph and Morton Walker, authors of Toxic Metal
Syndrome: How Metal Poisioning Can Affect Your Brain, chelation
therapy has been shown to help at least 50% of elderly people with
Alzheimer’s who have tried it. They are documented as showing
greater mental clarity, increased IQ, and improved memory. In their
book, the authors state that the Alzheimer’s patients “were observed
by loved ones to have returned to normal, or near normal,
functioning. It was a gratifying experience for everyone involved
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
with the testing and treatment: diagnosticians, clinicians, health care
technicians, the patients, plus their family and friends.”
The first step in removing the mercury from your system is to get rid
of your amalgam fillings! However, there are safe ways to do this
and there are unsafe ways. If you get your fillings removed by a
dentist who doesn’t take precautions, then the end result will be that
you are worse off than before. Careless removal of amalgam fillings
can release even more mercury into your system than what was
leaking before the fillings were removed.
My dentist, Dr. Ellis Ramsey, DDS, has been aware of the dangers of
mercury for almost 3 decades. He recently removed all but one of
my mercury fillings, and I am scheduled to get the last filling
removed in March 2007. He is an expert at safe mercury removal,
and I highly recommend him if you are in the North Texas (DFW)
area. If you live elsewhere, be sure that you seek out a “biological
dentist,” preferably a member of the IAOMT, who understands the
issues surrounding amalgam fillings. Two safety precautions: 1)
Request oxygen during the procedure – this will insure that you
breathe clean oxygen rather than toxic mercury vapor when the
fillings are drilled out. 2) Request a rubber dam – this keeps pieces
of the filling from falling down your throat or onto your tongue.
After you have had your fillings removed, the next step is to chelate
the heavy metals. The quickest and most potent chelation method
available today is intravenous EDTA chelation therapy. The
chelating agent, EDTA, is an amino acid which has negative charges
associated with it. Once inside the body it looks for positively
charged molecules such as lead, iron, mercury, and cadmium. The
number of IV EDTA treatments necessary is generally between 20
and 50 sessions, depending on your condition. This will cost
between $2,000 and $5,000.
According to Webster Kehr, “This treatment has been known about
for decades, but because EDTA chelation is not profitable enough for
orthodox medicine the treatment has been buried. It is not that
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
EDTA chelation is not expensive, it is expensive. The problem is that
it cures the patient too quickly, and it does not treat the symptoms
of Alzheimer’s. In short, it is not profitable enough for Big Pharma
and it is not “sophisticated” enough, meaning it is too simple, for Big
Medicine. Big Pharma and Big Medicine like to treat symptoms, not
Oral EDTA costs significantly less than IV EDTA, between $20 and
$50 per month, depending on your intake. Clinical experience
suggests that oral EDTA chelation provides many, but not all, of the
benefits of IV therapy. Only between 5% and 10% of an oral dose of
EDTA is absorbed into the bloodstream (compared with 100% of an
IV dose). Yet, due to continuous daily intake, the amounts add up
and can achieve similar benefits. Overall, the differences in benefits
are more those of degree, speed, convenience, and cost per dose than
of quality.
Another weapon in our “chelation arsenal” is chlorella. High doses
of chlorella (10 to 20 grams) have been found to be very effective for
mercury elimination. This is an important part of a good systemic
mercury elimination program, because approximately 90% of the
mercury is eliminated through the stool, and chlorella helps fecal
excretion. And remember, chlorella is a food, so you cannot eat too
much of it! However, you will need to work up to 20 grams since it
can cause diarrhea.
Chlorella should be used in conjunction with cilantro. Dr. Omura, a
Japanese researcher, discovered that cilantro could mobilize mercury
and other toxic metals rapidly from the central nervous system.
However, cilantro alone often does not remove mercury from the
body. It often only displaces the metals from deeper body stores to
more superficial structures. Cilantro will help mobilize mercury out
of the tissue so the chlorella can bind to it and allow it to be excreted
from the body. Along with chlorella and cilantro, you should start
eating fresh garlic every day. This will enhance sulfur stores.
Between 2 and 3 cloves a day is an excellent idea. Make sure you
crush the garlic to release its active ingredients.
Chapter 20 – Mercury & Alzheimer’s Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Also, I suggest taking MSM as well. MSM, which we discussed in the
cancer treatments chapter, is a form of sulfur which acts on cell
membranes and which will help your body eliminate the mercury.
Here is Karl Loren's explanation: “The brain is made up of billions of
nerve cells, intricately connected with each other like electrons in a
electrical circuit. When you think - you send electrical impulses
throughout your brain. Alzheimer's disease is a condition where the
many of these cells are coated with aluminum, causing them to short
circuit and sends brain impulses to the wrong synapse creating
confusion. MSM opens the membrane that contains the aluminum,
and allows the unwanted deposits to be flushed into the blood
stream. The hot bath with Clorox makes the body sweat and release
the aluminum. Then the Clorox leeches it right off your body.”
Also, during heavy metal detoxification, make sure you take a high
quality multi-vitamin which contains all the essential minerals.
An excellent 33-day mercury detoxification protocol used
by many doctors can be found at the following website:
According to Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, “Amalgam illness is analogous
to a war. Your enemy, mercury, captured a beachhead in your
teeth and fortified it with amalgam. Then it launched an attack.
House to house. Organ to organ. Cell to cell. Slowly capturing your
body. You win the war with a surgical strike. Dental surgery. Drill
out those fillings. Removing your amalgam declares an armistice.
Fighting stops, but the mercury atoms are still dug in wherever they
reached. Chelation sends clean up squads off to round up the enemy
and escort them out. Meanwhile the surviving cells in your body
get to work and to repair the war damage.”
Dental Trivia: Did you know that the original “quacks” were dentists
who advocated the use of mercury amalgam? “Quacksalber” is the
old German word for mercury.

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Chapter 21-Root Canals

You probably thought that mercury was the only “toxic teeth” issue
and that you’re home free! Well, not if you have had a root canal.
Approximately 20,000,000 root canal operations are performed
annually in the United States. Nearly every dentist is oblivious to the
serious health risks this operation produces. While many intelligent
dentists refuse to put mercury fillings into the mouths of their
patients, these same dentists will go right ahead and gladly perform a
root canal, without any idea that these procedures cause horrific
damage to their patients. According to Dr. James Howenstine, M.D.,
“Many chronic diseases, perhaps most, are a result of root canal
A root canal treatment is done to save a tooth which otherwise
would have needed to be extracted. They are usually done when
Root canals are safe and oftentimes necessary to prevent
a tooth from being extracted
A root canal tooth is always infected regardless of its
appearance and lack of symptoms; root canals are a “safe
haven” for microbes which cause cancer
Chapter 21 – Root Canals Cancer – Step Outside the Box
severe infection has spread to the roots of the tooth. The root canal
is a narrow canal that runs from the middle of the tooth down to the
roots, which are buried in the jawbone. In the root canal procedure,
a hole is drilled in the tooth to gain access to the root canal, the dead
or infected nerves and tissue are removed, and the root canal area is
cleaned, sterilized, and disinfected. Then the inside of the tooth is
filled and the hole is typically sealed with a crown.
Each year, millions of root canals are done with an apparent success
rate of over 90%. In other words, there is no pain and the X-rays
indicate that the tooth has been “healed.” Unfortunately, this masks
a problem which can still be occurring. Many dentists now
recognize that it is impossible to clean out all of the dead tissue or to
completely sterilize a tooth. There are over 3 miles of tubules (tiny
channels) in every tooth, and only an arrogant (or insane) dentist
would claim to be able to clean or sterilize 100% of the 3 miles of
tubules. This then leaves areas of necrotic (dead) tissue in the tooth
to continue decomposing and being infected. Our immune system’s
white blood cells don’t travel into tubules nor do antibiotics filter
into these areas. Thus, the tubules become a “safe haven” for
microbes (viruses, yeasts, fungi, molds, bacteria, etc). And since the
nerve tissue, blood vessels, and living tissue inside the tooth has
been removed, it is now dead.
In 1993, Dr. Hal Huggins, D.D.S., gave a lecture to the Cancer
Control Society. In an almost comical fashion, Dr. Huggins stated,
“Then we get into the root canal business, and that is the most tragic
of all. Isn’t there something you can put in the centre of the canal
that is safe? Yeah, there probably is, but that is not where the
problem is. The problem with a root canal is that it is dead. Let’s
equate that. Let’s say you have got a ruptured appendix, so you go to
the phone book, and who do you look up? Let’s see, we have a
surgeon and a taxidermist, who do you call? You going to get it
bronzed? That is all we do to a dead tooth. We put a gold crown on
it, looks like it has been bronzed. It doesn’t really matter what you
embalm the dead tooth with, it is still dead, and within that dead
tooth we have bacteria, and these bacteria are not in the absence of
Chapter 21 – Root Canals Cancer – Step Outside the Box
oxygen. In the absence of oxygen most things die except bacteria.
They undergo something called a pleomorphic change…like a
mutation…they learn to live in the absence of oxygen…now
produce thio-ethers, some of the strongest poisons on the planet that
are not radioactive.”
Remember that cancer and a host of other diseases are caused by a
pleomorphic microbe. To cure cancer, the microbes must be killed
throughout the body so the immune system can restore the body to
its normal state. However, a root canal is the perfect “breeding
ground” for microbes. As Dr. Huggins stated above, some of the most
dangerous of these microbes are the thio-ethers, including dimethyl
sulfate. A German oncologist named Josef Issels was able to confirm
that the thio-ethers released from these root canal microbes are very
closely related to the chemicals used by the Germans in World War
I to create mustard gas. According to the EPA, dimethyl sulfate has
been classified as a Group B2 human carcinogen. Tumors have been
observed in the nasal passages, lungs, and thorax of animals exposed
to dimethyl sulfate.
According to Dr. Karen Shrimplin, the thio-ethers are so toxic
because they are fat soluble and therefore concentrate in the lipid
(fat) framework of the cell, especially the mitochondria. The
mitochondria are the “cellular power plants” and are responsible for
the production of energy. If the mitochondria are damaged, then the
cell can no longer make energy via aerobic respiration and they are
forced to switch to fermentation (anaerobic respiration) to produce
energy. Remember, all cancer cells use fermentation as their means
of energy production.
So basically, what Dr. Shrimplin is saying is that the pleomorphic
microbes which inhabit the tubules in a root canal began as normal
aerobic bacteria, but when they are sealed into the tooth their
environment changes and they become anaerobic and produce
toxins such as thio-ethers. These thio-ethers then are released into
the rest of our body and damage the mitochondria of our cells, thus
causing them to become anaerobic. It’s a viscous cycle, all started by
Chapter 21 – Root Canals Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the root canal! These anaerobic microbes, which thrive inside root
canals, excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue, and this leads
to chronic infection and degenerative disease. Think about it…if an
organ or limb dies in our body, we would remove it. Not so with
dead teeth! Dentist Frank Jerome states “The idea of keeping a dead,
infected organ in the body is only thought to be a good idea by
dentists. A root canal-treated tooth always negatively affects your
immune system.”
Way back in the 1920s, Dr. Weston A. Price, D.D.S., performed
experiments which at first were hailed by the American Dental
Association, but which were later ignored. Dr. Price suspected that
bacterial infection accompanied many degenerative diseases. He
suspected that these infections arose from the teeth. He decided to
implant an extracted root-filled tooth under the skin of an animal.
He found that by implanting the root-filled tooth, the disease of the
patient was transferred to animals. Whatever disease the patient
had, the animal with the extracted tooth under its skin developed
the same disease as the patient. He also observed that when root
filled teeth were taken out using correct techniques then a variety of
health problems improved, from arthritis to kidney problems to
cancer. This was done with hundreds of patients.
Dr. Price had found that not one of 100 disinfectants was able to
penetrate and sterilize the dentin, which makes up 95% of the
structure of the teeth. Neither are any antibiotics capable of
sterilizing root canals. Very few dentists are aware of or willing to
admit that dentin tubules are always infected after root canal
surgery. These bacteria escape into the blood and proceed to initiate
a vast number of degenerative diseases. Most dentists believe that
the disinfecting substances used to pack the root canal after surgery
effectively sterilize the root canal site which is unfortunately not
What Dr. Price reported and what he found with the tests which
involved some 5,000 animals over the 25 year period was that “root
canal teeth,” no matter how good they looked, or how free they
Chapter 21 – Root Canals Cancer – Step Outside the Box
were from symptoms, always remained infected. Dr. Price
documented his findings in two monumental volumes entitled
Dental Infections Oral & Systemic and Dental Infections and the
Degenerative Diseases. Not surprisingly, the books were effectively
suppressed for 50 years until Dr. George Meinig, a retired
endodontist (a dentist who specializes in root treatment), discovered
these books. He republished a shortened version of these books
called Root Canal Cover-up.
If you have a root canal, you may need to see a specialized type of
dentist called a “biological dentist” or a “holistic dentist.” These
dentists are sometimes persecuted by the ADA, so don’t expect to
find one in the local telephone book. They can be difficult to find.
Bill Henderson may have the only major alternative cancer
treatment that requires the removal of root canals. He will work
with his patients to find a biological dentist. His website is
Let’s look at the work of Josef Issels in Germany, who treated
“terminal” cancer patients for over 40 years. The immune systems of
these patients had already been destroyed by the “Big 3”
conventional treatments (chemo, surgery, and radiation). They
already had 3 strikes against them. However, Dr. Issels cured 24% of
his 16,000 terminal patients during that 40 year period. What is the
first thing he did? He had a dentist take out the root canal teeth!
If you get your root canal teeth pulled, then you may create another
problem. A cavitation is a hole in the bone (because of a pulled
tooth) which has not healed correctly. The tissue in the cavitation
such as the ligaments which once held the tooth become infected.
The highly toxic bacteria produced can cause osteonecrosis (bone
death), weaken overall health, and lead to degenerative diseases such
as cancer…oftentimes without any obvious pain in the jaw area!
If you have a root canal, cavitations, or periodontal (gum) disease, I
suggest the following supplements:
Chapter 21 – Root Canals Cancer – Step Outside the Box
􀂾 ORAL GUARD – This is by far, the best single product on
the market to treat periodontal disease. With an impressive
and powerful list of ingredients like St. John’s Wort, CoQ-
10, folic acid, green tea extract, lipoic acid, and Vitamin K1,
ORAL GUARD is simply the most potent protection against
gum disease available. It can be purchased from the
following website:
􀂾 DMSO – “DMSO, 25% in water (optional). Take one
teaspoon as a mouthwash, twice daily. Swish slowly over
gums. Hold several minutes. Swallow for maximum
effectiveness. This “pushes” your supplements into your
tissues. It also helps to draw toxins out of cavitations. You
may add wintergreen drops to the mouthwash. 50% DMSO
is preferred, if available. Must be medical grade DMSO.”
(taken from Cure for All Advanced Cancer, page 198). BE
SURE to read the “Overnight Cure for Cancer” (chapter 9)
to see the cautions about DMSO.
􀂾 Co Q10 – This supplement exerts its protective and
strengthening action in all tissues. Working from the cellular
level, it strengthens the gums as well as the heart muscle.
Many scientists believe that periodontal disease is a good
indicator of low levels of CoQ10 in other tissues.
􀂾 Vitamin C – I read of a fellow that lives in Waco, Texas
who had periodontal disease. He took 15,000 mg of vitamin
C each day (5,000 mg with each meal) and his periodontal
disease literally disappeared!
The bottom line is that cancer treatments may still fail if a patient
continues to harbor infection in his/her mouth. The infection that
has chronically compromised the immune system may come from
from root canals as discussed above, but also from infected teeth,
cavitations, and periodontal (gum) disease. It is crucial for the cancer
patient to be diligent to treat potential infections arising from the

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chapter 22.

According to most mainstream and “alternative living” media, soy
beans are the most versatile, natural, heart-friendly, healthimproving,
fat-preventing, growth-promoting and generally “allaround
good for you” foods ever grown on God’s green earth. With
food aisles brimming with hundreds of soy products, including soy
protein, soy breakfast bars, soy burgers, soy ice cream, and an
endless array of soy beverages, is soy beer soon to follow? Actually,
it’s already here! Doctors, athletes, nutritionists, farmers,
government officials, and respected companies all make a point of
telling us how safe and wonderful soy is for us and about soy’s
myriad of health benefits. They tell us that it is so excellent and so
safe that it doesn’t even need to be listed as an ingredient in many
Soy is a “wonder-food” that protects against breast
canceAAChapter 22 – Soy: the “Magic Bean”? Cancer – Step Outside the Box
processed foods. But we don’t mind, do we? I mean, everyone knows
it’s safe, right?
Along with being the new “health food,” soy has also become the
latest “cash cow” for companies like Monsanto. Across the globe,
billions of acres are earmarked for soybean cultivation, thus
providing a secure cash crop for millions of farmers who gladly
disburse a “tariff” to Monsanto, the developers of their genetically
modified soybeans. What is the modern gospel of food production?
“Soy is Good For You.”
Or is it? Sadly, for several decades, corporations have been aware of
(and suppressed) the evidence that ingestion of soy causes cancer,
destroys bones, and creates havoc with our hormonal systems. The
truth behind the blatantly commercial integration of soybeans into
our diet is a distressing tale of fraud, greed, propaganda, suppression,
corporate irresponsibility, corruption, bad science, and political
Have you ever seen the “soy cows” that soy milk comes from? Not
sure if you’re aware of this, but you can’t milk a soy bean! According
to Elaine Hollingsworth in her book Soy – The Abominable Bean,
“in order to obtain that pure-looking, inviting stream of white liquid
pictured so appealingly in the ads, many processes are needed. It is
necessary to grind the beans at high temperature, and then extract
the remaining oils with dangerous solvents, some of which remain
in the meal. Then the meal is mixed with an alkaline solution and
sugars, in a separation process designed to remove fibre. Then it is
precipitated and separated, using an acid wash. At each stage of
processing a tiny amount of poison remains within the soy.
Government regulators say it’s so small an amount that it doesn’t
count. I wonder who told them that? And why don’t they take
notice of the scientists who say it does count, due to its
accumulation in the body over long periods of soy ingestion? Are
you really happy to accept the manufacturer’s assurance that it’s
safe to eat a tiny amount of poison each day, perhaps several
Chapter 22 – Soy: the “Magic Bean”? Cancer – Step Outside the Box
times a day, until you have a serious health problem?”
One of the many marketing ploys for soy is that it contains
isoflavones (estrogen-like substances). Despite the fact that he/she
has no idea what an isoflavone is, your typical soy milk drinker will
repeat the mantra they hear on the nightly news about isoflavones.
What you won’t hear on the news is that scientists have known for
years that isoflavones in soy products can depress thyroid function,
causing autoimmune thyroid disease and even cancer of the thyroid.
Scientists have known for over half a century that soy negatively
impacts the thyroid gland. Research in Japan concluded that daily
consumption of only 1 ounce of soybeans over the course of 90 days
caused enlargement of the thyroid and suppressed thyroid function.
Some subjects even developed goiter. The subjects returned to
normal when they quit eating soy. (Y. Ishisuki et al, “The effects of
the thyroid gland of soybeans administered experimentally in
healthy subjects”, Nippon Nibunpi Gawk Zasshi, 1991). As a matter
of fact, the isoflavone genistein inhibits thyroid function more
effectively than prescription drugs developed to control
As far back as the 1950s, phytoestrogens (estrogen-like substances
derived from plants) were being linked to increased cases of cancer,
infertility, and leukemia. According to Dr. William Wong, “Soy is
poison, period!” In his article entitled “Soy: The Poison Seed”
(, Dr. Wong
describes several reasons why soy is poison. Two of the isoflavones
(genistein and daidzein) which soy contains are basically built in
insecticides for the soybean. He asks, “If they kill bugs, are they
good for humans?” Hmmmmm…… Good point.
Dr. Mike Fitzpatrick, a respected toxicologist who is at the forefront
of the New Zealand campaign against soy, wrote a paper in 1998
citing much of the published work on the dangers of soy isoflavones,
which he submitted to the FDA. This paper was also published as an
article in the New Zealand Medical Journal entitled “Soy Formulas
and the Effect on the Thyroid” (The New Zealand Medical Journal,
Chapter 22 – Soy: the “Magic Bean”? Cancer – Step Outside the Box
February 2000). In this paper, Dr. Fitzpatrick states, “The toxicity of
isoflavones to animals first raised the awareness of the scientific
community to the fact that soy isoflavones are endocrine
disruptors... There have been profound negative endocrine effects in
all animal species studied to date… Soy isoflavones increase the risk
of breast cancer... Soy isoflavone disrupts the menstrual cycle
during, and for up to three months after, administration... Dietary
concentration of genistein may stimulate breast cells to enter the cell
cycle... Concern was expressed that women fed soy protein isolate
have an increased incidence of epithelial hyperplasia.”
Charlotte Gerson, of the Gerson Cancer Clinic, has published
detailed research proving that genistein is more carcinogenic than
DES (diethylstilbestrol), a synthetic estrogen drug that was given to
millions of pregnant women primarily between the years 1938 and
1971. (Gerson Clinic: Cancer Research, June 1, 2001 - 61 (11): 4325-
8). DES inflicted death and misery on countless women and their
daughters during this period. In an article entitled “Dietary
estrogens stimulate human breast cells to enter the cell cycle”
published in the 1997 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives,
Dr. Craig Dees has found that soy isoflavones cause breast cancer
cells to grow!
As if we need more damning evidence, soy also contains phytic acid.
The presence of phytic acid in soy totally destroys the credibility of
the manufacturers’ claims that soy is a good source of calcium and
helps prevent osteoporosis. Here’s why: phytic acid impairs the
absorption of all minerals, especially calcium! And since soy contains
more phytic acid than any other grain, soy actually strips your body
of calcium and other essential minerals.
Soy is not a complete protein, as it lacks the essential amino acids
methionine and cystine. And soy protein is difficult to digest
because it contains substantial amounts of trypsin inhibitors.
Remember, trypsin is essential in protein digestion, and cancer cells
are protected by a protein coating which makes them “invisible” to
the immune system. Soy also contains hemagglutinin, a clotChapter
22 – Soy: the “Magic Bean”? Cancer – Step Outside the Box
promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump together.
These clustered blood cells are unable to properly absorb oxygen for
distribution to the body’s tissues, which can damage the heart and
lead to cancer. We all know about the relationship between oxygen
and cancer, don’t we?
Conscious of the public’s growing awareness of the dangers of
genetically modified crops, the recent movement toward organic
produce, and displaying the kind of creative duplicity which even
Prince Machiavelli would applaud, Monsanto Corporation has
almost 50 million acres of genetically modified soybeans growing in
the U.S. Here’s the catch: American law permits these crops to be
mixed with a small amount of organic soybeans, and the resultant
combination may then be labeled “organic”! And you still think the
government wouldn’t let them lie to you? This deadly “food”
belongs in the toxic waste dump, but the multinational corporations
like Monsanto are disposing of it in you, your family, and in baby
formulas! For those who ask if organic soy is safe, I say, “Would you
eat organic anthrax?”
According to Dr. Tim O’Shea, “Yet another toxin found in some
processed soy products is aluminum, which is said to be 10 times
higher in infant soy formulas than in milk-based formulas--and 100
times higher than in unprocessed milk. Levels are even higher when
soy products are hydrogenated. Aluminum, a cause of Alzheimer’s,
can also damage the newly forming kidneys of an infant who drinks
soy formula. Worse yet, aluminum can directly damage the infant
brain because the blood-brain barrier has not formed yet. Processed
soy can also contain a known carcinogen called lysinoalanine. It is a
by-product of a processing step called alkaline soaking, which is
done to attempt to eliminate enzyme inhibitors. Even though the
beans are thoroughly rinsed, the lysinoalanine by-product can
remain from the interaction of the soybeans with the alkaline
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, a recent study
of Japanese men (living in Hawaii) found that consuming 2 or more
Chapter 22 – Soy: the “Magic Bean”? Cancer – Step Outside the Box
weekly servings of tofu was linked to the development of dementia!
(L.R. White, et al, “Brain aging and midlife tofu consumption,”
Journal of American College of Nutrition, April 2000). But don’t the
Chinese and Japanese eat lots of soy? The answer is “no, they don’t.”
And the majority of the soy products which they do eat are
fermented (tempeh, tamari, natto, miso). Long ago, they discovered
that fermentation caused the protein to be more easily digested, and
the phytic acid, toxins, and “anti-nutrients” would be destroyed.
This being so, fermented soy products are acceptable, but only in
small amounts.
Concerning soy, other countries are light years ahead of the U.S. In
July of 1996, the British Department of Health issued a warning that
the phytoestrogens found in soy-based infant formulas could
adversely affect infant health. The warning was clear, indicating that
soy formula should only be given to babies on the advice of a health
professional. They advised that babies who cannot be breastfed or
who have allergies to other formulas be given alternatives to soybased
With their cash cow at stake, the market for soy must be
maintained. American soy farmers “contribute” almost $80 million
each year to help fund what must be considered one of the most
effective brainwashing campaigns ever known to man. The resultant
high-powered media blitz ensures that “news” stories about soy’s
myriad of benefits abound, from radio to TV to the internet. But
don’t fall for the labyrinth of lies! Soybeans are not a complete
protein, are not a natural food, contain several harmful carcinogens,
and most soybeans in the United States are genetically modified.
According to Dr. Wong, “any opinions to contradict the facts noted
above have been paid for by the agribusiness giants Monsanto and
Archer Daniels Midland. Once public knowledge of their
manipulation of public opinion and of the FDA becomes widely
known, expect monster class action lawsuits against these folks.
They’ll deserve it in spades!”

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CONCLUSION(cancer book)

I trust that this book has made it abundantly clear that you DO
have natural alternatives to the “Big 3,” although these alternatives
may not have the “stamp of approval” from Big Medicine. Hopefully,
you now realize that you do not have to poison, slash, or burn your
body. Neither are you limited to the alternative cancer treatments
which I have addressed in this book. While the treatments included
in this book have been deemed to have the best track records and
have shown the great merit with cancer patients, there are literally
hundreds of other alternative cancer treatments which work better
than the “Big 3.” If you want to see a comprehensive list, please visit
Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Hospitals and other providers
that offer so-called “nutrition-based” or “holistic” or “integrated”
programs oftentimes are only paying lip-service to patients’ requests
for alternative cancer treatments, just to get them in the door.
However, once you’re there, they frequently will try to convince
you that the “Big 3” are your only hope. Don’t fall for this lie. You
know better. How you treat your cancer is your choice. If the
doctor tells you that your cancer is terminal, what he really means
is that it’s terminal if you use the “Big 3.”
It’s sad that money rather than altruism is what drives Big Pharma
and Big Medicine, but that’s reality. And it always will be, since if
effective alternative cancer treatments were to become mainstream,
millions of pharmaceutical salespeople and researchers would
immediately be looking for a job, shareholder profits would
plummet, and CEOs would lose their golden parachutes. Let’s face it
folks, Big Pharma runs the show. They want you to remain ignorant
and “in the dark.” Those that profit from cancer are like the slave
owners 200 years ago. If you ran a plantation back in the slave days,
you wanted to make sure that your slaves remained obedient,
submissive, and illiterate. If a slave had the nerve to disobey “the
master,” then he was beaten within an inch of his life. Books weren’t
allowed, thus slaves were unable to learn to read. These steps were
taken to insure that they would never have the boldness to venture
off the plantation and the master would have a “slave for life.” In the
Cancer Industry, patients are like slaves, and the slave owners want
to make sure that they remain enslaved by suppressing information
about alternative treatments and persecuting those who dare to
question their authority and use an alternative treatment. “Keep ‘em
dumb” seems to be their slogan. So I say, “Don’t donate!”
The next time you are asked to donate to a cancer charity, please
keep in mind that your money will be used to sustain an industry
which has been deemed by many eminent scientists as a qualified
failure and by others as a complete fraud. If you would like to make
a difference, please consider donating money to the Independent
Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF). This non-profit organization’s
goal is to develop highly potent alternative cancer treatments that
work quickly and are very effective on advanced cancer patients.
Visit their website at
Thank you for reading this book. I sincerely hope that it has given
you both ammunition and hope. God willing, the day will come
when the general public has free access to all alternative cancer
therapies. But until then, perhaps this book will be a source of
information for you and your loved ones who desperately need
assistance navigating through the cancer jungle and stepping outside
the box. If there is just one person who reads this book and is cured
of cancer, then the countless hours spent writing it will all have
been worth it.
May God bless you with a long and healthy life!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Appendix 1-Cancer Clinics

Arizona Integrative Medical Center

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: (480) 214-3922



Arizona Integrative Medical Center is run by Dr. Paul Stallone. He

currently practices in Scottsdale where his patients seek assistance

with a variety of ailments ranging from the common cold to Stage

IV cancer.

WhilAppendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


His main focus is to listen and understand the underlying cause of an

individual’s illness. His belief is that oftentimes, the underlying

cause is a combination of nutritional, structural, emotional,

chemical, and lifestyle factors. He uses a vast array of modalities

including Nutrition/Supplements, Homeopathy, Detoxification,

Acupuncture, Oxygen/Ozone Therapy, and Intravenous Nutritional-

Vitamin Therapy to effectively treat diseases such as cancer.

Bright Spot for Health

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Phone: (316) 682-3100


Dr. Hugh Riordan used to run the Bright Spot For Health Clinic in

Wichita, Kansas. However, he died in 2005. Now, it is run by Dr.

Ron Hunninghake, M.D., and a staff of PhDs, all of whom are

involved in orthomolecular research and other cancer research.

Orthomolecular medicine describes the practice of preventing and

treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of

substances which are natural to the body. The key idea in

orthomolecular medicine is that genetic factors affect not only to the

physical characteristics of individuals, but also to their biochemical


At the Bright Spot, their goal is to find and correct the underlying

reasons for disease by evaluating the patients “biochemically,” which

includes measuring nutrient levels. At The Center, they are

specialists in certain alternative approaches, including intravenous

Vitamin C, nutritional medicine, ear and body acupuncture, heavy

metal chelation, detecting adverse food reactions and hidden

parasites, and therapeutic massage.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


Contemporary Medicine

Location: Burr Ridge, Illinois

Phone: (630) 321-9010



At Contemporary Medicine, they concentrate on treating patients

with stage four (advanced) cancers. Their typical patients have tried

the “Big 3” and have failed with the “Big 3.” They believe that

conventional treatments for cancer are oftentimes worse than the

disease itself. Dr. Steven G. Ayre has studied and researched IPT for

over 30 years, and actually coined the name “Insulin Potentiation

Therapy” in 1986.

At Contemporary Medicine, they refer to IPT as “a kinder, gentler

chemotherapy.” Their goal is to provide the opportunity for

individuals to incorporate nutrition and mind-body medicine into

their cancer healing process. They also uses intravenous Vitamin C


Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Location: New York City

Phone: (212) 213-3337


Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has been investigating nutritional approaches

to cancer and other degenerative diseases since 1981, and has been

in practice in New York since 1987. Dr. Linda Isaacs has been

working with Dr. Gonzalez in his research and practice since 1985.

Doctors Gonzalez and Isaacs share their concept of treating cancer

with Robert Beard (a Scottish embryologist) and William Donald

Kelley (a Texas orthodontist) who developed a remarkably successful

metabolic approach to treat cancer.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


They use an individualized aggressive nutritional protocol to work

with many types of cancer, specializing in pancreatic cancer. The

Gonzalez program requires an aggressive number of daily

supplements (130-160 capsules). The pancreatic enzymes (central to

the treatment), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants are

normally taken for 15 days, then flushed from the system for 5 days,

and then started anew. Coffee enemas, liver flushes, and a wholebody

purge with psyllium husks, which Dr. Gonzalez calls “the clean

sweep,” are essential to the success of the program.

HealthQuarters Ministries

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Phone: (719) 593-8694



HealthQuarters is run by Dr. David Frahm, who wrote the book A

Cancer Battle Plan. They offer a 10 day detox retreat, as they

believe proper nutrition heals the body at the cellular level, but

before nutritional changes can be effective, detoxing the system

must take place.

HealthQuarters is a Christian organization and there is a very strong

spiritual aspect to their program. The “Heartbeat” of HealthQuarters

Ministries is to help God’s people be healthy, both physically and

spiritually, in order that they may more effectively serve Jesus Christ

in His world. This is an awesome clinic, and Dr. Frahm is a

wonderful Christian man.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine

Location: Carson City, Nevada

Phone: (775) 884-3990



The Nevada Center is a unique, state of the art, full service medical

clinic, offering individualized cancer treatment programs. Dr. Frank

Shallenberger has been practicing medicine for 25 years. He is one of

only 16 physicians in Nevada that are licensed both in conventional

medicine as well as Alternative and Homeopathic medicine. This

allows him to integrate the best of both approaches for optimal


Dr. Shallenberger uses dietary manipulation, herbs, vitamins and

minerals, homeopathy, detoxification, chelation therapy, ozone

therapy, hydrogen peroxide, state-of-the-art IPT, and natural

hormonal replacement in order to optimize the body’s innate ability

to heal itself. He is internationally recognized as a leading expert in

the use of ozone therapy.

New Hope Medical Center

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona

Phone: (480) 556-0182, (888) 518-7788



New Hope uses alternative methods to treat immune deficient

illnesses such as cancer. Dr. Fredda Branyon, Dr. Mario Galaburri,

and Dr. Ronald Peters all agree that a physician should never just

treat the symptoms of the illness, but treat the individual as a whole.

This is a wonderful philosophy of healing.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


At New Hope, they focus on strengthening the immune system,

since it is our first line of defense. They offer nutritional therapy,

enzyme therapy, intravenous Vitamin C, ozone therapy, oxygen

therapies, and colon therapy, just to name a few. New Hope is an

out patient facility. Please call them and their complimentary

concierge service will help you with your travel arrangements and

hotel reservations.

Oasis of Hope

Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Phone: (888) 500-HOPE



The Oasis of Hope specializes in nutritional therapy as well as

laetrile (vitamin B17). One of the principal proponents of laetrile was

Dr. Ernesto Contreras, who opened this clinic in 1963. Since that

time, tens of thousands of American citizens with cancer have

traveled to the Oasis of Hope for treatments that have been

outlawed by the Cancer Industry in the United States. Today, Oasis

of Hope is directed by his son, Dr. Francisco Contreras.

The Oasis of Hope employs a “super-strict” nutritional regimen

along with laetrile therapy, all under the supervision of an

oncologist. They treat the whole patient, body, mind, and spirit. The

Oasis approach is based on two fundamental principles: 1. Do no

harm to your patients (Hippocrates) and 2. Love your patient as

yourself (Jesus Christ). Oasis of Hope is a high-tech medical facility

that employs cutting-edge technology. Doctors have access to

electronic medical files through a wireless LAN, which allows them

to access patient records. Patients surf the web on broadband

workstations and keep in touch with loved ones via digital telephone

lines. The Oasis of Hope is comparable to the top hospitals in the

United States.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


Rhythm of Life Comprehensive Cancer Care

Location: Mesa, Arizona

Phone: (480) 668-1448, (877) 668-1448


Dr. Charles Schwengel is licensed as an Osteopathic Physician and

Surgeon, as well as a Homeopathic Medical Doctor. This additional

license is available in Arizona to physicians who wish to add the

extra dimension of holistic medical treatments to their practices.

Being licensed as a Homeopathic Physician allows him to

incorporate a much wider variety of advanced medical therapies that

are commonly used around the world, but are less available in the


Their cancer treatment protocols include IPT, heavy metal chelation

therapy, detox, live cell analysis, and many more. Personally, they

are a bit too “new age” for my taste, but they do offer excellent

cancer treatments.

Wolfe Clinic

Location: Canada

Phone: (250) 765-1824, (800) 592-9653


The Wolfe Clinic is not actually a “clinic,” per se, but I wanted to

included it anyway. If you decide to treat your cancer with the

DMSO/Cesium protocol (my #1 recommended advanced cancer

treatment), then this is the place for you. Dr. Darrell Wolfe has 25+

years experience with cancer patients, and he used to have a clinic

where he consulted with cancer patients, but in the mid 1990s, he

switched to exclusively doing telephone consultations.

Appendix 1 – Recommended Cancer Clinics Cancer – Step Outside the Box


Dr. Wolfe is a “rare breed” when it comes to doctors. He is not

interested in his bank account…he is interested in YOUR HEALTH!

For a very reasonable fee, he will supervise (via telephone) cancer

patients using the DMSO/Cesium protocol. Dr. Wolfe holds a PhD

in Nutritional Philosophy, and a Doctorate in Homeopathic

Acupuncture. He is a Registered Massage Therapist, Deep Muscle

Therapist, Certified Colon Therapist, and Nutritional Consultant.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

spiritual cancer- Apendix 2

This book has been focused on physical cancer and the ways to cure
it. I trust that the information contained herein will help you in
your quest to get healthy, stay healthy, fend off cancer, and even
cure your cancer. But even if you are able to cure your cancer and
live a long, full life, the fact of the matter is that one day you will
die. I know that is an uncomfortable subject with many people, but
that is reality. We will all die. We are all “terminal.” There are no
exceptions. The probability of death is 100%.
You see, physical cancer is not our biggest foe. The fact is that we
were all born with “spiritual cancer.” Similar to physical cancer, if it
is left untreated, spiritual cancer will certainly result in death. Not
physical death but spiritual death…eternal death. But, “What is
spiritual cancer?” you may ask. Spiritual cancer is sin. The Bible tells
us that humanity became separated from God when Adam and Eve
sinned by disobeying Him and eating of the fruit of the Tree of the
Knowledge of Good and Evil (the tree from which God had
forbidden them to eat). Humanity became separated from God
“For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son,
that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have
eternal life.” John 3:16
Appendix 2 – Spiritual Cancer Cancer – Step Outside the Box
because all people are descended from Adam. As a result, the sinful
nature Adam acquired through his disobedience was passed down to
all people, including you and me.
Because of this inherited “sin nature,” everyone sins. It comes
naturally. It is part of the fabric of being human. I never had to
teach either of my kiddos to sin or to be selfish – it came naturally.
Romans tells us that because of our sin, we are under God’s
condemnation. The effect of sin on humans is that it extends to
every part of our personality, our thinking, our emotions, and our
will. This does not mean that we are as evil as we possibly can be,
but it does mean that sin has extended to our entire being. The Bible
tells us that we are born “dead in our sins.” I know that sin is not a
popular concept today. It is considered old-fashioned and passé to
say that someone is a sinner. But the Bible is clear – we are ALL
Sin is a cancer that infects all of us. And you either get the cancer,
or the cancer will get you! The good news is that there is a cure for
the spiritual cancer of sin! There is an antidote to sin and its deadly
effects. You have probably seen it when you watch NFL football
games on TV. You know, the “wacko Christian” dude in the end
zone with the “John 3:16” sign. Have you ever read John 3:16? It
states, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son, that
whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
Jesus provided the cure for our spiritual cancer by His atoning death
on the cross for our sins. You see, Jesus was unique because He was
born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit. He was not born of Adam’s seed
as all other human beings are, thus He did not inherit a sinful
nature. In other words, He did not have the tendency to sin as we all
do. The Bible teaches that the payment for sin is death, and it also
teaches that without the shedding of blood there can be no
forgiveness of sin.
Jesus Christ died an excruciatingly terrible death on the cross. He
was the perfect, unblemished Lamb of God, who paid the price for
Appendix 2 – Spiritual Cancer Cancer – Step Outside the Box
sin in order to end the separation between humanity and God. He
provided the cure for our spiritual cancer. The ONLY cure. Unlike
physical cancer, for which there are many cures, spiritual cancer has
only one cure. Jesus says it Himself in John 14:6 “I am the way , the
truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me.”
Truth is by nature exclusive. Consider the truth that 1 plus 1 equals
only 2 and not any other number. The same exclusivity applies to
Jesus. All religions do not lead to God. If someone tells you that all
roads lead to heaven, they are sadly mistaken. Trusting in Jesus
Christ, the God-Man, as He is proclaimed in the Bible, is the ONLY
way to inherit eternal life and to cure our spiritual sickness. It’s not
just me saying it…Jesus said it Himself!
Modern religions teach that Jesus’ death on the cross was not
enough to pay for all of our sins. They say that you must perform
certain good works, certain rituals like water baptism, belong to a
particular church, observe certain religious days, or make
pilgrimages to “holy cities” in order to be saved. However, this is
contrary to what the Bible teaches. Jesus, before He died said, “It is
finished.” The Greek text uses the word “tetelestai,” which means
“paid in full.” Jesus did all the works necessary to secure salvation
for sinners without their help. He didn’t pay for some sins and then
require sinners to pay the remaining balance with certain rituals or
with good works. Ephesians 2:8-9 says, “For by grace you have been
saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God;
not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.”
When you confess your sins to God and trust in Jesus as your Savior
and Lord, He forgives you eagerly, instantly, and completely.
Romans 10:9-10 says: “That if you confess with your mouth Jesus as
Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead,
you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in
righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in
salvation.” Right now, Jesus is holding out His hands to you in
invitation. All are invited to come to Him. All are invited to repent
and believe. Jesus is the ONLY cure to your spiritual disease. You do
not need to go to eternal punishment in hell for your sins. No matter
Appendix 2 – Spiritual Cancer Cancer – Step Outside the Box
where you have been or what you have done, come to Him and He
will welcome you with open arms.
But make no mistake, time is of the essence. Do not say “tomorrow I
will come to Him.” Tomorrow may never come. Isaiah 55:6-7 says,
“Seek the LORD while He may be found; call upon Him while He is
near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his
thoughts; and let him return to the LORD, and He will have
compassion on him, and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.”
Do not postpone coming to Christ for what you think is a more
convenient time, but honestly confess your sins, repent of your sins,
and believe in Christ NOW.
This next section is entitled “He Died For His Patients” and
was written by William S. Plumer in 1867.
“The whole head is hurt, and the whole heart is sick. You are sick
from head to foot – covered with bruises, welts, and infected
wounds!” (Isaiah 1:5-6) Often in Scripture, sin is spoken of as a
disease, a sickness, a hurt. Christ, as the great Physician, has the
only sovereign balm.
Sin is a dreadful disease! Yes, it is the very worst disease! It was the
first, and so is the oldest malady. It infected man very soon after his
creation. For six thousand years sin has committed its ravages and
been gaining inveteracy. No other disease is so old. Sin is also a
universal disease! Other maladies have slain their thousands; but sin
has slain its millions! The whole world is a graveyard, full of death
and corruption. No person ever lived without sin. As soon as we
begin to live, we begin to transgress.
Sin makes men spiritually blind, and deaf, and dumb, and lame, and
lethargic. Sin is a terrible compilation of diseases. It is a rottenness in
the bones. It is a maddening fever, a wasting consumption, a
paralysis of all the powers. Human nature is wholly corrupt!
Sin is a perpetual disease. It rages day and night; on the sea and on
the land; in the house of mirth and in the house of God.
Appendix 2 – Spiritual Cancer Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Sin is a hereditary disease. We are conceived in sin and brought
forth in iniquity. Sin is also contagious. Sinners are enticers,
seducers, corrupters.
Sin is also the most deceitful and flattering disease. One of its strong
delusions is, “You shall not die!” See the throng of ungodly people
marching to perdition – the slaves of Satan, the servants of
corruption, the enemies of God! Their mirth would make one think
them to be the happiest of people – and not, as they really are –
condemned criminals, on their way to the eternal prison-house of
inflexible justice! Sin has its delusive dreams. The worse a man is,
the better he thinks himself to be.
Sin is the worst disease, because it is the parent of all other diseases.
But for sin, we would never have seen a human being in pain, or
sicken, or die. Suffering and agony have one parent – sin!
Other diseases are calamities – but sin is a wickedness! Sin is not a
misfortune – sin is a crime! It is a wicked thing to be a sinner.
Transgression brings guilt. God is angry with the wicked every day.
The more sinful anyone is – the more is God displeased with him.
Sin is the most loathsome of all diseases. Pride is the worst kind of
malady. No heart is so vile as a hard heart. No vileness compares
with an evil heart of unbelief. No sight is so appalling as a sight of
vile affections. Sin is horrible and abominable to God!
Sin is also the most dolorous disease. They multiply their sorrows –
who hasten after transgression. The most bitter cries that ever were
heard – were extorted by sin.
Other diseases do but kill the body – but sin kills soul and body in
hell forever! Sin will rage more violently beyond the tomb than on
earth. It will be followed by eternal regrets and reproaches, eternal
weeping and wailing, eternal wrath and anguish!
Sin cannot be cured by any means of human devising. All
reformations can never cure the heart. “I fast twice in the week, I
give tithes of all that I possess,” said the Pharisee – while spiritual
wickedness reigned within. We may weep and lament over our sins
Appendix 2 – Spiritual Cancer Cancer – Step Outside the Box
– but that will neither dethrone sin nor atone for it! Our tears are
nothing; our works are nothing; all our righteous deeds are as filthy
rags; they are of no avail.
The only remedy for sin is found only in Jesus! He is the Physician
of souls. None but He can cure a sin-sick soul. He makes no charge
for all His cures! He died for His patients! His blood cleanses from all
sin. With His stripes we are healed. Christ’s death atones. By His
sufferings we have remission of sin. In all cases where it is applied,
the gospel remedy is sovereign and effectual. It availed for the dying
thief, for the bloody Saul of Tarsus, for the cruel jailor, and for
millions and millions who once esteemed themselves as vile, and as
worthy of everlasting death!
And now, poor, sin-sick, dying soul – flee to this Physician, submit
your case to Him, and seek for the healing remedy! If you stay away,
you must die! “The wages of sin is death.”
“The blood of Jesus cleanses us from every sin!” 1 John 1:7