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Cancer Book

It’s a Fact Folks
That widespread suppression and persecution does exist and has
existed for well over a century is a fact. Anyone who disputes this
fact is either not paying attention or purposefully lying. History is
chock full of examples of original thinkers who have been scorned,
laughed at, ruined, and imprisoned for daring to be creative and
original and (the most heinous crime of all) for having the audacity
to threaten the status and authority of Big Medicine.
Daniel Haley has written a fabulous book entitled Politics in
Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine
in which he clearly demonstrates that government agencies
including the FDA, NCI, and FTC have systematically suppressed
cancer cures that worked and are continuing this suppression to this
day. A former New York State Assemblyman who has spent a
lifetime studying health and healing in America, Mr. Haley is a man
uniquely able to tell the story of the damage greed and political
influence has wrought on our nation’s healthcare alternatives. The
“There is widespread suppression of natural cancer
therapies, & persecution of successful therapists. The
undisputed leader in this field is the USA”
Walter Last
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
12 documented cases Mr. Haley describes are not unique. However,
what makes them special is that public records exist which show
both the efficacy of the cancer treatments and the active suppression
that makes it difficult for cancer patients to find and use these
Over the past century, hundreds of caring, concerned, and
conscientious “alternative doctors” have been jailed and abused like
common criminals for the “crime” of curing people of terminal
diseases in an “unapproved” manner by heavy-handed government
agents who swoop down on clinics with drawn guns and flax jackets.
All the while, these same agents and agencies posture themselves
before TV cameras and the public under the ludicrous pretense of
being servants of the people and protectors of the common good.
According to Dr. Robert Atkins, “There have been many cancer
cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed
with a Gestapo-like thoroughness by the cancer establishment. The
cancer establishment is the not-too-shadowy association of the
American Cancer Society, the leading cancer hospitals, the National
Cancer Institute and the FDA. The shadowy part is the fact that
these respected institutions are very much dominated by members
and friends of members of the pharmaceutical industry, which
profits so incredibly much from our profession-wide obsession with
One book I have already mentioned which I highly recommend is a
book by the famous medical historian, Hans Ruesch, entitled Naked
Empress or the Great Medical Fraud. In this book, Ruesch exposes
massive corruption and fraud in medicine, media, science,
government, and industries. Ruesch quotes J.W. Hodge, M.D. on
page 75, “The medical monopoly or medical trust, euphemistically
called the American Medical Association, is not merely the meanest
monopoly ever organized, but the most arrogant, dangerous and
despotic organization which ever managed a free people in this or
any other age. Any and all methods of healing the sick by means of
safe, simple and natural remedies are sure to be assailed and
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
denounced by the arrogant leaders of the AMA doctors’ trust as
‘fakes, frauds and humbugs.’”
He continues, “Every practitioner of the healing art who does not
ally himself with the medical trust is denounced as a ‘dangerous
quack’ and impostor by the predatory trust doctors. Every sanitarian
who attempts to restore the sick to a state of health by natural means
without resort to the knife or poisonous drugs, disease imparting
serums, deadly toxins or vaccines, is at once pounced upon by these
medical tyrants and fanatics, bitterly denounced, vilified and
persecuted to the fullest extent.” Medical mavericks with innovative
cancer ideas are slandered, labeled as “quacks” or “charlatans,” and
persecuted, while their treatment protocols are bastardized and
But Why? Big Medicine tells us that they are “protecting us” from
the alternative cancer treatments since they have not been
“scientifically proven to be effective” and that they may delay the
more effective conventional cancer treatments from doing their job.
More effective conventional cancer treatments? You’ve got to be
kidding!! Is that what they call a 3% cure rate with chemotherapy?
This argument would be laughable if it were not so heartbreaking
for millions of cancer victims. They aren’t protecting us; they are
protecting their own cash cow! And what exactly does it mean to be
“scientifically proven to be effective” by the FDA anyway? Snickers,
Twinkies, Cupcakes, Coca Cola, and thousands of other junk food
products are “approved” by the FDA, but if you offer an alternative
cancer treatment, then you are liable to end up in jail. Think I’m
making this stuff up? Read on.
Harry Hoxsey
Harry Hoxsey was born in 1901. Around 1840, Harry’s grandfather,
John Hoxsey, a horse breeder, had a stallion that developed cancer.
When the horse was pastured, John noticed that the horse grazed
primarily on a particular shrub and flowering plants. Over the
course of a few months, eventually the horse was cancer free. John
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
eventually developed an herbal tonic derived from these “wonder
plants” and began to treat sick horses. John passed down the formula
to his son, Harry’s father, who quietly began to use the tonic to help
humans with cancer. When Harry was only 10 years old, he began
to help his father administer the tonic to “terminal” cancer victims.
They had tremendous success, and eventually, when his father died,
Harry was responsible for carrying on the Hoxsey healing tradition.
In 1924, at the age of only 23, Harry opened the Hoxsey Cancer
Clinic in Dallas. For over 30 years, the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic treated
(and cured) many cancer patients using the Hoxsey tonic. By the
1950s, the Hoxsey Cancer Clinic in Dallas was the world’s largest
private cancer center, with branches in 17 states. At that time, the
head of the AMA was Morris Fishbein, who was also the editor of
the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Fishbein,
who was nothing more than a money hungry whore, tried to
purchase the rights to the tonic from Hoxsey, but when he refused,
Fishbein conducted a personal vendetta against him, using the
JAMA as his primary means to discredit him.
Over the course of several years, Fishbein published numerous
articles in the JAMA which claimed that the Hoxsey tonic was
nothing more than a “worthless bottle of colored water” made of
“backyard weeds.” And due to the fact that he gave these weeds to
cancer patients, Hoxsey, who was not a doctor, was arrested over
200 times for practicing medicine without a license! Perhaps his
biggest adversary was district attorney, Al Templeton, who had him
arrested over 100 times. Al’s brother, Mike, developed terminal
cancer and went through the “Big 3” conventional treatments. After
the doctors sent him home to die, Mike visited the Hoxsey Cancer
Clinic and was eventually cured. When Al learned about his
brother’s miraculous recovery from terminal cancer, he quit his job
and became Hoxsey’s defense attorney.
Unfortunately, this was during the period that the “Big 3”
conventional cancer treatments, due largely to their profitability to
the entire Cancer Industry, were gaining a foothold in conventional
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
cancer therapy. The inexpensive Hoxsey tonic posed a real threat to
the profits which were being realized from the “Big 3,” so it’s not
hard to guess what happened next: a huge smear campaign.
Through their subversive network of cronies and through a series of
slanderous articles, the Cancer Industry effectively labeled Hoxsey
“the worst cancer quack of the century.” However, if Hoxsey was a
quack, then he sure wasn’t a very good quack, since quacks are in it
for the money, and the Hoxsey Cancer Clinics would treat 100% of
the patients who came for treatment, even if they couldn’t afford to
pay for treatment. But the “medical mafia” didn’t stop at slander.
FDA officials would actually break into his patients’ houses,
intimidate them, tell them they were being duped by a quack, and
steal their medicine.
However, in 1954, an independent team of ten physicians from
around the United States made a two-day inspection of the Hoxsey
Cancer Clinic in Dallas, examining case histories and speaking to
patients. They then issued a remarkable statement. They declared
that the clinic was “successfully treating pathologically proven cases
of cancer, both internal and external, without the use of surgery,
radium or x-ray.” Of course, the results of this investigation were
ignored by the Cancer Industry. Then in 1953, the Fitzgerald
Report, commissioned by a U.S. Senate committee, concluded that
organized medicine had “conspired to suppress” the Hoxsey therapy
(Ben Fitzgerald, Congressional Record, August 1953).
Due to a slanderous article published by Fishbein, Hoxsey sued him
for libel and slander, and Hoxsey won. Fishbein was forced to resign
from the AMA. But it was too little, too late. Hoxsey’s name, along
with his tonic, had already been trashed and would never recover.
All of Hoxsey’s clinics were eventually shut down. The Dallas clinic
closed in 1960, and three years later, to escape the mounting
pressure, Mildred Nelson R.N. (his long time chief nurse whose
mother had been cured from terminal cancer by the Hoxsey tonic)
moved the operation to Tijuana, Mexico. Harry Hoxsey died in
1974, but the Bio-Medical Center, as the clinic is now called,
continues to treat all types of cancer. Before she died, Nelson
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
appointed her younger sister, Liz Jonas, as the administrator of the
Bio-Medical Center.
As I mentioned earlier in the book, we had planned to take dad to
this clinic, but unfortunately he never recovered from the surgery.
Their medical records indicate that many patients (some arriving
with advanced stages of cancer) have been helped and even
completely healed of cancer by the Hoxsey tonic. This is yet
another instance of a successful alternative cancer treatment which
was dismissed as “quackery” by the Cancer Industry.
Royal Raymond Rife
Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist born in 1888. Rife
developed technology which is still commonly used today in the
fields of optics, electronics, radiochemistry, and biochemistry. In the
1920s, Rife invented the world’s first virus microscope. By 1933, he
had perfected that technology and had constructed the Rife
“Universal Microscope,” which was capable of magnifying objects
60,000 times their normal size. Unlike electron microscopes which
can only observe dead specimens due to the lethal chemical stains
applied to them, Rife’s microscope enabled him to view living
organisms via a process he called “staining with light.”
Like so many other pivotal discoveries in science, the principles
behind Rife’s super-microscopes were simple yet ingenius. For
example, the microscopes never crossed light beams, as according to
Rife, light diffraction is responsible for the lower resolutions seen in
standard research microscopes. Through his advanced microscopes,
Rife was able to show “pleomorphism,” meaning that growing an
organism in a different type of culture may yield a different
organism entirely.
Rife was able to observe tiny living microorganisms that dwell in the
human body, organisms which he felt caused cancer. He observed
the reactions of various microbes as he bombarded them with
infinite combinations of radio and audio frequencies. He soon
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
discovered that certain frequencies, which he called “mortal
oscillatory frequencies,” would destroy the pleomorphic microbes
which are active in cancers.
Rife developed successful inexpensive electronic treatments via his
“beam ray” device. Did his frequency treatment cure cancer? The
evidence says “yes.” In 1934, a clinical trial was conducted. Sixteen
“terminal” cancer patients were treated with Rife’s frequency
machine therapy. The medical team included a “Who’s Who” of
doctors and pathologists. They were assigned to examine the patients
after 3 months, if they were still alive. The results? 100% were
cured…all 16 lived.
Along comes Big Medicine. The head of the AMA during that era
was…you guessed it…the infamous Morris Fishbein. Just like he did
with Harry Hoxsey, Fishbein wanted a piece of the action from the
sales of these devices, so he proposed an “arrangement” whereby he
(and the AMA) would give Rife their official “blessing” and then he
would get his pals at the FDA to fast track their approval of Rife’s
device. In exchange, Fishbein would receive a huge share of the
profits from the sales. Rife refused. Similar to what he did to Harry
Hoxsey, Fishbein and his cronies set out to destroy Rife. Rife’s lab
was vandalized and photographs, film, and records were stolen. His
microscope was stolen, his lab was burned down, and some of his
supporters died under suspicious circumstances.
Then the knockout blow – the police illegally confiscated the
remainder of his 50 years of research. To finish the job, the medical
journals, supported almost entirely by drug company revenues and
controlled by the AMA, refused to publish anything about Rife’s
treatment. In 1971, Rife died from an overdose of valium and
alcohol at the age of 83. For more information on Royal Rife, I
recommend that you read The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
The Ralph Moss Story (in his own words)
excerpted from
“In 1974, I began working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
Center, the world’s leading cancer treatment hospital. I was an
idealistic and eager young science writer, sincerely proud to be part
of Sloan Kettering and Nixon’s “War On Cancer.” Ever since I was a
kid, my main heroes were scientists (with the Brooklyn Dodgers
running a close second!) The job at Sloan-Kettering seemed like a
dream come true for me. I wanted to be part of the winning team
that finally beat cancer.
Within three years, I had risen to the position of Assistant Director
of Public Affairs at the Hospital. At the time, I was 34 years old,
married to my high-school sweetheart, and we had a daughter and
son, then 9 and 7 years old. We had dreams of buying a house and
saving for the kids’ education, so you can imagine how thrilled we
were when I was promoted, with a huge raise, glowing feedback
from my bosses, and was told that perks of the job would eventually
include reduced tuition for the kids at New York University.
Needless to say, we all were really counting on my “bright future” at
Memorial Sloan-Kettering. But something soon happened that
changed the course of my life forever.
A big part of my job as Assistant Director of Public Affairs was to
write press releases for the media about cancer news and to write
the in-hospital newsletter. I also handled calls from the press and
public about cancer issues. So I was just doing a normal day’s work
(or so I thought) when I began interviewing an esteemed scientist at
the Hospital for a newsletter article I was working on. It turned out
that the scientist, Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura, had repeatedly gotten
positive results shrinking tumors in mice studies with a natural
substance called amygdalin (You may have heard of it as “laetrile”.)
Excitedly (and naively!) I told my “discovery” of Sugiura’s work to
the Public Affairs Director and other superiors, and laid out my
plans for an article about it. Then I got the shock of my life.
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
They insisted that I stop working on this story immediately and
never pick it up again. Why? They said that Dr. Sugiura’s work was
invalid and totally meaningless. But I had seen the results with my
own eyes! And I knew Dr. Sugiura was a true scientist and an ethical
person. Then my bosses gave me the order that I’ll never forget:
They told me to lie. Instead of the story I had been planning to
write, they ordered me to write an article and press releases for all
the major news stations emphatically stating that all amygdalin
studies were negative and that the substance was worthless for
cancer treatment. I protested and tried to reason with them, but it
fell on deaf ears.
I will never forget how I felt on the subway ride home that day. My
head was spinning with a mixture of strong feelings- confusion,
shock, disappointment, fear for my own livelihood and my family’s
future, and behind it all, an intense need to know why this cover-up
was happening. After long talks with my wife and parents (who
were stunned, as you can imagine) I decided to put off writing any
amygdalin press releases as long as I could while I discreetly looked
into the whole thing some more on my own time. Everyone at the
office seemed happy just to drop the whole thing, and we got busy
with other less controversial projects.
So in the next few months, I was able to do my own investigating to
answer the big question I couldn’t let go of: Who were these people
I worked for and why would they want to suppress positive results
in cancer research? My files grew thick as I uncovered more and
more fascinating - and disturbing - facts. I had never given any
thought to the politics of cancer before. Now I was putting together
the pieces as I learned that:
􀂾 The people on Sloan-Kettering’s Board of Directors were a
“Who’s Who” of investors in petrochemical and other
polluting industries. In other words, the hospital was being
run by people who made their wealth by investing in the
worst cancer-causing things on the planet.
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
􀂾 CEOs of top pharmaceutical companies that produced cancer
drugs also dominated the Board. They had an obvious vested
interest in promoting chemotherapy and undermining
natural therapies.
􀂾 The Chairman and the President of Bristol-Myers Squibb,
the world’s leading producer of chemotherapy, held high
positions on MSKCC’s Board.
􀂾 Of the nine members of the Hospital’s powerful Institutional
Policy Committee, seven had ties to the pharmaceutical
􀂾 The Hospital itself invested in the stock of these same drug
􀂾 Directors of the biggest tobacco companies in the U.S.,
Phillip Morris and RJR Nabisco held places of honor on the
􀂾 Six Board Directors also served on the Boards of The New
York Times, CBS, Warner Communications, Readers Digest,
and other media giants.
Not surprisingly, profits from chemotherapy drugs were
skyrocketing and the media glowingly promoted every new drug as
a “breakthrough” in cancer. I kept all my notes in my filing cabinet
at work. I had no idea what I would ever do with them. I just knew
that I had to get to the bottom of it, for myself.
Meanwhile, the public’s interest in laetrile refused to go away. A lot
of people were going across the border to Mexican clinics to get the
stuff and my secretary’s phone was ringing off the hook with people
wanting to know what Sloan-Kettering thought of its value. I was
once again told to give out the news that the studies had all been
At home, I called my family together for a meeting. With their
support, I decided I couldn’t lie on behalf of the Hospital. In
November of 1977, I stood up at a press conference and blew the
whistle on Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center’s suppression of
positive results with amygdalin. It felt like jumping off the highest
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
diving board, but I had no doubt I was doing the right thing. I was
fired the next day for “failing to carry out his most basic
responsibilities” as the Hospital described it to the New York Times.
In other words, failing to lie to the American people.
When I tried to pick up my things in my office, I found my files had
been padlocked and two armed Hospital guards escorted me from
the premises.
Luckily for all of us, I have a very smart wife who all along had been
making copies of my research notes and had put a complete extra set
of files in a safe place. Those notes turned into my first book, The
Cancer Industry, which is still in print (in an updated version) and
available in bookstores.
That dramatic day, when I stood up in front of the packed press
conference and told the truth, was the beginning of a journey I
never could have predicted. I was launched on a mission that I’m
still on today – helping cancer patients find the truth about the best
cancer treatments.
Well, we weren’t able to buy a home until years later, the kids went
to colleges on scholarships and loans, and my wife took on a
demanding full-time job to help us get by. But in retrospect, my
experiences as an insider in “the cancer industry” were among the
best things ever to happen to me. My values were put to the test and
I had to really examine what was important in my life. It is because
of this difficult experience at Sloan-Kettering that I found a truly
meaningful direction for my professional life, rather than just
climbing Sloan-Kettering’s career ladder and losing my soul in the
More Persecution & Suppression
Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D. was a highly regarded nutrition
specialist, but his cardinal sin was promoting natural treatments
which hadn’t received the FDA’s “blessing.” In the summer of 1992,
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
The Civil Abolitionist carried an article titled “FDA: The American
Gestapo Prosecutor or Persecutor?” which told the story. On May 6,
1992, in what must have resembled a military invasion, Dr. Wright’s
clinic was assaulted by over 20 armed men who kicked open the
door, pointed guns at both patients and staff, and “confiscated”
business records, patient records, supplies, and equipment. The FDA
“Gestapo” agents spent 14 hours at the clinic, searching through
everything. At that point in time, he had not even been charged
with a crime!
Why did they need to kick in the door and draw their guns? Well,
police spokesman Rob Barnette explained that officers “need to be
prepared for the worst.” Dr. Wright hardly fit the bill of a “Wild
West Desperado!” A graduate of Harvard and the University of
Michigan Medical School, he was nutrition editor of Prevention
magazine for over a decade. But he committed the unforgivable sin –
he failed to prescribe drugs to treat illness. Rather he chose to use
nutritional therapy and vitamin therapy. It is interesting to note that
one of his favorite treatments was using L-Tryptophan to cure
depression, but the FDA had outlawed this amino acid. Curiously, it
was outlawed just a few months before the FDA put a big push on
Prozac as a treatment for depression. Hmmmmmm….
Jason Vale was handed a death sentence by his doctors in the mid
1990s when it was discovered that he had terminal cancer. Through
extensive research, he discovered that for years people who once
had cancer found healing properties in something as simple as the
seeds of apples and apricots. It turned out that these seeds contain
natural substances that kill cancer cells (Vitamin B17). Jason
immediately began to feel better by eating apple seeds as a part of his
daily diet. Within a short period of time, Jason’s cancer literally
disappeared. When “Extra” aired Jason’s story on national TV, it
turned out to be the program’s highest rated show to date so they
chose to run that same episode the following week. The viewer
response was so great that Jason was inundated with thousands of
telephone calls from people all over the country.
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Since then, Jason has inspired and helped thousands of people to
naturally treat their own cancer. Through proper diet, nutrition,
and the introduction of apple and apricot seeds into their daily diets,
they have one-by-one created their own success stories that
fortunately they will live to tell. In November, 2001, Jason was
coerced by the FDA into signing a Consent Decree that would
prevent him from sharing his story or promoting apricot seeds. The
FDA brought criminal charges against Jason for distributing apricot
seeds. Jason was sentenced on June 18, 2004 to 63 months in prison
and 3 years of supervised release by a United States District Court in
the Eastern District of New York. Jason is serving over 5 years for
selling apricot seeds!
Dr. Max Gerson developed a successful protocol to treat cancer
patients using a strict regimen of nutrition, fresh juicing, and
pancreatic enzymes. The medical community had an outstanding
opportunity to appropriately examine alternative cancer treatments
when a United States Senate Committee moved to grant extensive
funds for research of his treatment, and Senators were very
impressed with his results.
However, Big Medicine (specifically the AMA) lobbied so strongly
against research into alternative cancer treatments that the move
was narrowly defeated in the Senate. Then Big Medicine used their
influence to suppress Gerson’s success, then branded him as a
“quack.” They said it loud enough and long enough that it became
common knowledge that Gerson was a quack, despite the fact that
his treatment protocol was curing terminal patients of cancer.
This is standard operating procedure for Big Medicine – when
someone discovers an alternative cancer treatment that is effective at
treating cancer, Big Medicine quickly suppresses the treatment, then
they use their cronies to create the public perception that the
physician is incompetent or a “quack.” And they are quite effective –
they even have websites set up for this very purpose. Dr. Albert
Schweitzer wrote “I see in him (Dr. Gerson) as a medical genius who
walked among us.”
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Neal Deoul financed alternative cancer treatment research in the
1990s. In 1998, Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran charged
him with distributing deceptive promotional literature. Deoul had
financed T-UP, Inc. which distributed cesium and T-UP (an aloe
vera concentrate) to battle cancer (and AIDS). Despite the fact that
there was not a single consumer complaint and there were hundreds
of testimonials from consumers who claimed life changing results.
Ironically, as the case against Deoul unfolded in court, Deoul himself
was diagnosed with an aggressive form of prostate cancer. He quietly
and confidently turned to cesium & T-UP (his own products) for
treatment of his prostate cancer. Of course, Big Medicine physicians
protested loudly and predicted the worst if he continued to refuse
radiation and chemotherapy, but his condition improved as a result
of taking his own medicines…no other therapies were used.
Unfortunately, his successful treatment in the real world was not
mirrored in the courtroom. A Maryland Judge found Deoul and TUP,
Inc. guilty of violating Maryland’s consumer protection statutes.
The critical question of whether the products actually fight cancer
was never addressed in the judge’s findings.
Jimmy Keller operated an alternative cancer clinic in Baton Rouge,
but was forced out of the country to Tijuana, Mexico. Keller had
founded the clinic after using natural methods to cure himself of
“terminal” cancer. His own cancer had been unsuccessfully “treated”
over 2 decades earlier by orthodox cancer specialists who amputated
his ear and mutilated his face. As is typical with the “Big 3” orthodox
treatments, Keller’s cancer returned with a vengeance. He
investigated natural healing methods, cured himself, and then began
helping others to do so. He thought he was safe from the “medical
mafia” since he was in Mexico. He was wrong.
In March 1991, Keller was abducted at gunpoint by 4 bounty
hunters working for the U.S. Justice Department, at the command of
the FDA, and forced to cross the U.S. border. There, Keller was
arrested by the FBI on 12 counts of wire fraud. What was his crime?
Keller had made telephone calls across interstate lines to attract
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
people to his Mexican clinic. Following the illegal kidnapping of
Keller from Mexican soil, without extradition, he was jailed in
Texas. Amazingly, his bond was set at $5 million. He was later
convicted and sent to prison for 2 years. Keller’s case was part of a
trend of U.S. government kidnappings abroad, in full defiance of
international law.
In his book entitled Politics in Healing: The Suppression and
Manipulation of American Medicine, Daniel Haley has documented
11 case studies of systematic suppression of proven cancer cures with
substances like Hydrazine Sulfate, DMSO, Cesium Chloride, and
Aloe Vera. Haley’s conclusion: “In a free market, where non-toxic
therapies can openly compete with toxic therapies, and information
is not suppressed, consumers will make informed choices. This is
exactly what the pharmaceutical companies don’t want. Dancing to
their tune, the FDA ferociously keeps off the market effective,
nontoxic therapies that might provide formidable competition for
patented, and often toxic, pharmaceutical drugs. By keeping these
therapies off the market, the FDA is not protecting the public from
harm. It is protecting the pharmaceutical companies from effective
The fact is that many successful alternative cancer treatments have
been created in the past century and then lost again due to
suppression and persecution. The barrier of scientific bigotry that
separates conventional cancer research from reality remains intact.
There are countless true life stories of persecution and suppression.
If I were to list them all, it would take 10 more books. But I’ll let you
do the research yourself.
Just type in these names in any search engine: Dr. Sam Chachoua,
Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. A. Keith Brewer, Dr. William Kelley, Dr.
Gaston Naessens, Dr. Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Hans Nieper, J.H. Tilden,
Dr. Kurt Donsbach, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr. William Koch, Dr.
F.M. Eugene Blass, Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. Virginia Livingston, Dr.
Günther Enderlein, Dr. Ernest Krebs, Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr. and
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
the list goes on and on. Many names have been lost forever. Still
others have been crushed out of existence for good.
What do all these honorable doctors have in common? They all
developed successful alternative methods of treating cancer for
thousands of patients. And they all were persecuted by the Cancer
Industry since they used “unapproved” treatments. These examples
are only the tip of a huge iceberg. The Cancer Industry now has an
80 year history of vast corruption, incompetence, persecution, and
organized suppression of cancer therapies which actually work.
Millions of people have suffered terribly and even died because
those in charge took bribes, closed their minds to innovation, and
refused to do what was morally right.
But what is going on in medicine today should not surprise us if we
take a quick look at the past. Did you know that many of the world’s
greatest discoveries were initially rejected by the scientific
community? Those who pioneered these discoveries often were
ridiculed and condemned as quacks or charlatans. According to
Arthur Shopenaur, 19th century philosopher, “Every truth passes
through three stages before it is accepted. In the first it is ridiculed;
in the second it is opposed; in the third, it is regarded as selfevident.”
Here are just a few examples:
􀂾 Ignaz Semmelwies was expelled from the medical society
and run out of Vienna for asking surgeons to wash their
hands before operating.
􀂾 Galileo was scorned for his belief that the sun is the center
of the universe.
􀂾 Wilbur and Orville Wright were dismissed as “hoaxsters” by
the Scientific American, the U.S. Army, and most American
􀂾 William Harvey was ridiculed for his belief that blood was
pumped from the heart and moved around the body through
􀂾 Jacques Cartier discovered the cure to scurvy: tree bark and
needles from the white pine (both rich in Vitamin C) stirred
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
into a drink. He reported this to doctors when he returned
to Europe, but they laughed at him. It took over 200 years
before the medical experts “discovered” that scurvy is caused
by a deficiency of vitamin C.
􀂾 The inventors of turbine power, the electric telegraph, the
tank, the electric light, television, and space travel were all
laughed at or ignored by the scientific establishment.
The irony about science (which is supposedly a search for new
truths) is that most members of any scientific establishment seem
dedicated to opposing real progress and suppressing original thought.
This includes the medical field. One can attack political or economic
theories with some freedom, and there is room for originality in
most areas of intellectual thought. But not so with science and
medicine. Any scientist or physician with a new and original idea is
likely to be regarded as a dangerous “hoaxster” or “quack” rather
than an innovator whose ideas are worth evaluation.
The most repressive, most prejudiced, and most obscenely intolerant
branch of Big Medicine is undoubtedly that part of it which claims
to deal with cancer. As a matter of fact, Big Medicine has a list of
current cancer “quacks” and “charlatans” which they publish on
numerous websites, including What do these socalled
“cancer quacks” have in common? They utilize “unproven
methods” for treating cancer. Let’s look at this, shall we?
“Unproven” methods? What exactly does this mean? Are these
methods really unproven, or is the proof of their success being
You should be aware that the Cancer Industry goes to great lengths
to bury and suppress successful alternative cancer treatments. They
also suppress alternative cancer treatments that do not work, thus it
appears that all of the treatments which they suppress do not work
and that they are just “doing their job to protect us.” However, the
fact is that hundreds of alternative cancer treatments do work, and it
is unfortunate that the few “snake oil salesmen” do their worst
damage by giving Big Medicine the ammunition they need to make
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
all alternative cancer treatments (including the effective treatments)
look like quackery.
The truth be told, most of the everyday practices of conventional
medicine are “unproven” if we go by the government’s own
standards. In 1978, the Office of Technology Assessment (an arm of
Congress) issued a major research report that concluded “only 10 to
20 percent of all procedures currently used in medical practices have
been shown to be efficacious by controlled trial.” Translation:
between 80% and 90% of what doctors do to you is scientifically
unproven guesswork. By the government’s own definition, the
majority of conventional medicine is “quackery” (“Assessing the
Efficacy & Safety of Medical Technologies,” U.S. Congress, OTA, PB
286-929, 1978).
According to Webster Kehr, “The scientific evidence for alternative
treatments can be compared to a ship the size of the Queen Mary II.
The scientific evidence for orthodox treatments, by comparison,
would be compared to a ship that could fit in a bathtub. I am not
exaggerating. Yet the FDA says chemotherapy and orthodox
medicine ‘has’ scientific evidence and there is ‘no scientific
evidence’ for alternative treatments. It is nothing but pure
corruption, it is nothing but lies. So how does the FDA, NIH, NCI,
AMA, ACS, etc. suppress the statistically overwhelming evidence for
alternative treatments for cancer? By ignoring it (i.e. blacklisting it)
and babbling about their concepts of ‘spontaneous remission’ and
what I call ‘psychological remission’.”
Interestingly, all of the alternative cancer treatments on Big
Medicine’s “quackery” list have the following common
denominators: they are all natural, non-drugs, non-toxic, and nonpatentable.
Most importantly, they all successfully cure cancer!
Even though chemo and radiation are completely unproven
therapies and oftentimes will kill a cancer patient, they are not on
the list. Why? Because they both are very expensive and are
patentable. Let me explain.
Chapter 3 – Persecution & Suppression Cancer – Step Outside the Box
Let’s just suppose that I had found a vitamin that cured cancer. Let’s
just call it Vitamin Z. In order for me to be able to tell you what
Vitamin Z does and sell it to you, I would need to get Vitamin Z
approved as a drug by the FDA. This would cost me between $200
and $500 million and several years to get it approved. However,
since Vitamin Z is natural and is found in most vegetables, I can’t
patent it. So, even after spending half a billion bucks to classify
Vitamin Z as a “drug,” it would still be a non-patentable drug, and
anyone could sell it without my permission. I just wasted half a
billion bucks and several years. As a CPA, I can tell you that it
makes no “business sense” to try and get Vitamin Z approved by the
FDA to sell as a drug.
So, even though Vitamin Z is a natural vitamin, cures cancer, and is
free from harmful side effects, I cannot tell you that it cures cancer
because it has not passed FDA scrutiny. But why would Big
Medicine withhold information about something as important as the
cure for cancer? Aren’t they concerned with our well being? Don’t
they want what is best for us? Sadly, the answer to each of these
questions, plain and simple, is “no.” Since Big Medicine is beholden
to Big Pharma, their treatment protocols will always include the
most expensive, profitable drugs, regardless of whether or not this is
in the patient’s best interest.
The Cancer Industry relentlessly persecutes those doctors that offer
new, effective, non-toxic cancer therapies (ignoring the wishes of
patients who wish to try those therapies) while condoning,
supporting, and protecting by law the “Big 3” which have been
proven to be ineffective and toxic. The deciding issue for the Cancer
Industry is not whether alternative cancer treatments work better
than the “Big 3.” This fact is evident. The deciding issue,
unfortunately, is which protocol will result is the largest profits to
Big Pharma.
And the winner is …. the “Big 3.”
And the losers are … the cancer patients!

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