Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Panchagavya - Presentation Transcript

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Panchagavya - Presentation Transcript

  1. PANCHAGAVYA INGREDIENTS : 1. Fresh Cow Dung 5 Kgs. 6. Sugar Cane Juice 3 Lts. 2. Cow Ghee ½ Kg. 7. Tender Coconut Water 3 Lts. 3. Cow Urine 3 Lts. 8. Toddy Fresh * 2 Lts. 4. Cow Milk 2 Lts. 9. Ripe Banana 12 Nos. 5. Cow Curd 2 Lts. * for fermentation ALTERNATIVE INGREDIENTS : 1. In place of Sugar Cane Juice add 500 gms. Jaggery dissolved in 3 Ltrs. Water. 2. In place of toddy add 100 gms. Yeast Powder + 100 gms. Jaggery + 2 Ltrs. Water. After 30 mts. add to rest of the ingredients. METHOD OF PREPARATION : DAY-1 : First mix the fresh cow dung and ghee thoroughly and keep it for 3 days. Mix it twice daily (Mor/Eve.) at least for 15 mts. On the 4th Day add the rest of the ingredients and mix them completely. DAY-4 : This solution must be stirred twice daily (Mor/Eve) .) at least for 15 mts. On the 19th day Panchakgvya will be ready for use. The container must DAY-19 : always be kept covered with a mosquito net or cotton cloth. Wide mouthed mud pot, concrete tank or plastic can could be used for mixing. Keep open in shade. Stir twice a day Morning & Evening. Panchagavya is ready for use after 18 days. STORAGE : Stir twice daily (Mor/Eve) to keep Panchagavya for 6 months without deterioration in quality. Add cow urine, when solution becomes thick. NOTE : 1) Only after dilution with water, the solution can be filtered. 2) Native Indian breed cow Dung, Urine, Ghee, Milk and Curd are the best over that of Cross breed cows . DOSAGE : FOLIER SPRAY : 3% i.e., 3 Lts. Panchagavya to 100 Lts. water per Acre. First make 3% dilution. Power spray after filtering sediments. Hand operated spray gun – Use wider nozzle (bigger Pore size). For best results spray during ascending period of moon. SOIL APPLICATION :20 Ltrs. Per Acre through flooding. For best results apply to soil during descending period of moon. SEED/SEEDLING TREATMENT : Drench seeds, Soak or Dip seedling for 20 mts. before planting in 3% Solution. (Rhizomes of Turmeric, Ginger and Sets of Sugar cane – 30 mts. Soaking) SEED STORAGE : Dip seeds in 3% solution before drying and then store. Contd…..2
  2. 2nd page PERIODICITY : Pre flower stage (i.e., 20 days after plantation) : Once in 15 days. Two Sprays. Flowering & Pod Setting : Once in 10 days. Two sprays. Fruit/Pod maturation : One spray. ADVANTAGES – PADDY : 1) Heavy tillers 2) 300 Grains per head 3) No Chaffy grains 4) Harvest advanced by 15 days. 5) Percentage of broken rice reduces 6) Grain wait 30% higher. 7) Cooked rice edible on the next day also. GENERAL EFFECTS OF USING PANCHAGAVYA : 1. Bigger leaves. 2. Denser Canopy 3. Photosynthetic system activated 4. Increases biological efficiency. 5. Max. metabolites and Photosynthates. 6. Trunk produces side shoots (carry Max. fruits) 7. Rooting is profuse and dense and remains fresh for long. Roots spread and grow into deeper layers. 8. Max. intake of nutrient & water by the healthy root. 9. Increases shelf life. 10. A thin oily film is formed on the leaves and stems, which helps reducing the evaporation of water. 11. Withstands long dry periods due to deep and extensive roots. 12. Irrigation water requirement reduced by 30%. YIELD : When land is converted to organic farming, certain amount of yield loss occurs normally. Panchakgvya ensures restoration of yield levels even during the very first year. FOR DETAILS ON : 1) Panchakgvya, 2) E.M. Technology, 3) Bio-dynamic Preparations and usage, 4) PROM Technology, 5) Organic Forming 6) Tank Composting etc., contact the following address / Phone Nos

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