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GLOBAL VARNASRAMA NEWS - November 2008 PDF Print E-mail
Global VAD News
Global Varnasrama News covers varnasrama developments taking place around the world. We are happy to publish all varnasrama related news events in an on-going effort to promote the varnasrama mission. Please forward any such news to varnasramanews@varnasrama.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For any inquiries, please write to the Column Editor, Bhakti Raghava Swami, brswami@varnasrama.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


NORTH AMERICA [USA, Prabhupada Das, Resource Person]

I have been reading your presentation, "Varnashram Course In South India" and other information at: and thought:

The DimDim Video service also has integrations with Moodle and Claroline, which may be of interest in your work to create the Varnashram College desired by Shrila Prabhupad. Moodle and Claroline might be ways in which the entire College could be conducted on line and thus made available to millions. If you have not seen these, here are the URL's.
Glovesco Varnasrama College from 1st of January 2009 PDF Print E-mail

ASIA: [India, GLOVESCO Varnasrama College at SSKBK, State of Karnataka, Hrdoya Caitanya Das, Curriculum Director]

October 21, 2008: "Please see attached our updated list of students. This is getting pretty close to the final list." Canada (2), Hungary (3), India (4), Indonesia (1), Nepal (3), Poland (1), Russia (1), South Africa (2), USA (2), for a total of 19 students."

Editor's Comments: The GLOVESCO Varnasrama College opens its doors on January 1, 2009 and will run for three months. This is the first year the Varnasrama College will operate. It will set the scene for a full fledged Varnasrama College specialized in promoting training and education in all the varnas and asramas. Applications are now closed as of this posting. Inquiries are welcome for future courses.
Proposal for Coconut orchard PDF Print E-mail
ASIA: [Indonesia, Borneo, Sundarananda Das, State Coordinator for Kalimantan and Project Director for Ganga Sagara Baru]

October 21, 2008: "Hare Krishna prabhu Kisora Krsna. We are submitting a project proposal through Anandamaya prabhu's office to make a coconut orchard. Please discuss with Maharaja and ask him for any comments on this proposal."
Presentation to National Council of Ukrane PDF Print E-mail
EUROPE: [Ukraine, Dhanesvara Das, National Coordinator and Project Director]

October 20, 2008. "This week I will make a presentation of my project to the national council of Ukraine (all the TP's). I am also going to include a copy of the Indian RGB decision to make VD a part of the national preaching program."

Editor's Comments: The Indian RGB [Regional Governing Body] is the main leadership body of ISKCON India who have recently adopted a Position Paper covering Varnasrama Development in India as recommended by the standing committee called the RGB India Varnasrama Development Committee.
Farm news from Indonesia PDF Print E-mail
ASIA: [Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Durasaya Das, State Coordinator and Project Director]

October 18, 2008."We grow vegetables and fruits. The surplus are sold to the market. Some florists/nurseries also come to the ashram to buy the organic fertilizers from cowdungs.... They also come to learn our bio gas stoves and apply them in the transmigration sides.We have already made our yayasan Radha manohara, akte notaris from notaris here."
Report from Gujarat India PDF Print E-mail
ASIA: [India, State of Gujarat Savyasachi Das, State Coordinator]

October 18, 2008 "Since the monsoon season is over, we wish to embark upon developing some residential facilities at our farm. To plan this we thought it to be better if we can consult someone experienced in architectural planning of a village in terms of what are the different considerations while allocating land for various necessities, etc. We wish to plan for next 10 yrs. with a target of 10 to 15 families and a guest house for around 50 people. Could you kindly guide us to someone whom we can consult in this regard?"
Varnasrama in USA New Talavan Farm PDF Print E-mail
NORTH AMERICA: [USA, New Talavan Farm, Hari Das]

October 16, 2008:"Gopinath dropped off some books with another devotee, namely some of the introductory magazines [Introducing GLOVESCO], 2 copies of Varnasrama Education and 6 copies of Make Vrindavan Villages. I was seriously hoping for Implementing Varnasrama - GLOVESCO Reference Guide as I am very serious about working for you on this and the named book is of utmost importance. The education book is excellent with so many important points. It is clear that we have to work not just on the citizens of ISKCON but with leaders in particular. And my feeling is that there is just way too much denial about the current state of affairs globally."
Varnasrama in Chile & South America PDF Print E-mail
SOUTH AMERICA: [Chile, Sudama Sakha Das, National Coordinator]

October 16, 2008:"Like you told me, I have been translating some info you send me previously, and what I´m going to do is send it to a very known web in South America [in] that it reaches many devotees of this side of the world, and I am going to ask them if they are already in this service of farming or are willing to be involved to contact me, do you agree? At the same time I will contact a devotee from here who does contact most of our communities via e-mail, and I´ll send them same information. That´s [all] for the moment Maharaja, if you have any ideas or questions, let me know it and I´ll get back to you as soon is possible."
Update from SSKBK PDF Print E-mail
ASIA: [India, SSKBK, Parasurama Das, Trustee for GLOVESCO India]

October 15, 2008: "Laxman Prabhu, the brother of Giriraj prabhu was also there. Giriraj prabhu and Laxman prabhu where jointly taking care of Cows and agriculture. Sundarananda prabhu was taking care or Deities and Prasadam. And Bharat Prabhu was overlooking and guiding and engaged in construction. Till now 2 kutirs are done - one bhajan kutir and the other built near the planned yogashala well. The kutirs need finishing touch. Rice is half way and soon we will have lots of Coconuts. The Mohte is working nicely with Bala and Krishna. But the land has broken due to lack of rains earlier, so it helps only to keep the land moist."
News from Vietnam PDF Print E-mail
ASIA: [Vietnam, Bhakta Pepe]

October 14, 2008: "Dandavats Maharaj. Hare Krishna. Maharaj can you bring that medicine you mention before made from cow urine when you come here in Vietnam. I was able to talk to Keyur prabhu and right now we are quite far apart but this coming week we might meet and have some association. I still could not locate land for our project. This place here is too far expensive because its too commercial, specially this is a resort area; but I will ask some friends in Dalat (the coolest place here in Vietnam) if there's still avalable land. This place is whole year round a cool area, might like the place. Thanks so much for writing to me. Your most fallen servant, bhakta Pepe. Haribol. Take care and have a nice day."

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