Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vishwa mangala Gou Gram yatra


Immediate Purpose of the Journey

  • Formation of representative committee for cow protection with members from all religious sections.
  • Start of safe havens for cows at tehsil and district levels.
  • Demand to declare cow as the national animal.
  • Demand on the central government to formulate laws to preserve various breeds of Indian cows.
  • Demand for a separate ministry to handle the issues related to cow.
  • Demand the state governments to take responsibility of cow protection and development activities.
  • Demand to protect the purity of Indian breeds of cows by stopping cross breeding.
  • Signature campaign resulting in an appeal to the President of India with crores together signatures.

Long Term

Long Term Purpose of the Journey

  • Immediate action for protection and growth of the remaining 33 breeds of Indian cows.
  • Take appropriate action to stop encroachment of grazing land.
  • Show the path of organic farming and check farmers’ suicide.
  • Stop uncontrolled migration of villagers to towns and cities.
  • Educate the farmer that cow is not giver of milk alone. It is important that it is the farmers’ responsibility to care and protect the cow.
  • Educate the farmer about the gains of using oxen for farming and positive effects of organic farming.
  • Develop products related with cow. Create market for products from cow urine and dung.
  • Conduct serious research on the above.
  • Encourage agriculture related handicraft.
  • Understand the divine nature of cow.
  • Prosperity of villages by devotion to cow, progress of the nation from that of villages, leading to the progress of the world.

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