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Organic farms

Organic farms

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(1) Beijing Qing Pu Yuan Vegetable Co.,Ltd.(Liu Min Ying Ecological Farm)
Add:Liu Min Ying Ecological Farm, Changziying Town, Daxing District, Beijing


Product categories:vegetable and fruit, grain


Liu Min Ying Ecological Farm products are sold in major supermarkets including Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Hua Lian, CR Vanguard, and more. The farm is also open to visitors and offers catering services. Advanced booking is required.

(2) Crab Island

Add:1 Xiedao Lu, Chaoyang District (1 kilometre south to Airport thruway Exit Weigou)


Product categories:vegetable and fruit, grain


Crab Island farms are open to visitors who wish to experience farm life. Fruit picking and crop harvesting tours can be arranged. Tour bookings and ordering of organic food can be made online and by phone.

(3) Beijing Kuai Le Nong Fu

Add:3 kilometres from the Tuqiao subway station, Zaolin Village, Zhangwan Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

Product categories:vegetable and fruit

Certifier:Self-certified(Certification that awarded by agency is on the application)

Tel:010-51515231/13701105044(Mr. Wang)/13501268189(Mr. Fu)

Kuai Le Nong Fu has released a project of small family farms which consumers can rent to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Kuai Le Nong Fu will be happy to provide technical guidance and daily management services.

(4) Lohas Organic Farm (Beijing Lohas Health Food Communication Co., Ltd.)

Add:Nan Nian Feng, Yangsong Town, Huairou District,Beijing

Product categories:fruits and vegetable, grain, livestock

Certifier:In the process of application


Lohas Organic Farm covers 500 acres and is open to the public. They provide health education courses, accommodation, catering, and activities such as livestock feeding. Advanced booking can be made by phone.

(5) Zhiwan Organic Ranch (Beijing Lohaocity Supermarket Co.,Ltd.)

Add:Tianzhuang Village, Gaoling Town, Miyun District,Beijing

Organic Union:Member of IFOAM

Product categories: vegetable and fruit, grain, feeding animals, honey, plant


Opening date: Mid May – Mid Oct


Zhiwan Organic Farm covers an area of 1,486 hectares. They provide health education courses, accommodation, catering, and activities such as livestock feeding. Advanced booking for tours and organic food ordering can all be made by phone. Zhiwan Farm products are also available in Lohao City Supermarkets and at the Long Island Organic Hotpot Restaurant.

(6) Green Cow Farm

Add:Dong Ge Zhuang Village, Hou Sha Yu, Shunyi District, Beijing

Product categories: vegetables and fruits

Certifier:Self-certified, Vegetables and fruits are all planted in the soil which has no chemical pollution, and without fertilizer.


Consumers may apply for membership of Green Cattle Farm Vegetable Club to enjoy their ordering and delivery services. You can also save your biodegradable kitchen waste and send it to the farm for use as compost fertilizer. Green Cattle Farm has its own restaurant, for details please refer to Organic Restaurants (page number?).

(7) Derunwu Organic Farm

Add:3-6# strawberry garden, Xin Village, Xingshou Town, Changping District, Beijing

Product categories: dozens of kinds of organic vegetables



Derunwu Organic Farm mainly offers organic vegetables.

(8) Yuandingyuan Organic Eco-Agricultural Park

Add:Lixian Town,Daxing District,Beijing

Product categories: certified organic poultry,vegetable and corn
The Branch of Chinese Academy of Agricultural is the special store for organic Produce.

Customer Service Hotline:010-62130815 15911112185

Yuandingyuan Produce Distribution Center

Tel:010-89222818 13121020116

The products of Ecological Agricultural Park are available by email or phone. Consumers may also apply for the membership of Yuandingyuan Organic Eco-Agricultural Park, and plant and herd in the farm. They can also enjoy a half-discount price to pick vegetables in the farm once every month.

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