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kamdhenu dham vrindaban
Registered Under Indian trust act-1882/V/342 Income Tax Act-U/S 12A & 80G Applied for Foreign Contribution Regulation Act-1976 Contact Person- Mr.Saradacharya +91565 3203905, +919410082531 KAMDHENU DHAM VRINDABAN
Innovation,Enterprise,Health,Education and animal Husbandry are the key elements of KAMDHENU DHAM VRINDABAN. It is a secular,non-political & non-profitable social organization with the sole Objective of capacity building of under privileged and marginalized Group of society through education, communication and skill development. KAMDHENU tries to influence change agents like media policy, academies and the state through advocacy. The organization is registered under Societies Registration Act-XXI of 1860.
LEGAL ENTITY: 1.Name of the organization:-KAMDHENU 2.Head office :- Shri Goda haridev mandir parishar,Rang ji ka nagla, Vrindaban,Dist-Mathura, 281121 (U.P.)INDIA. 3.Contact person:- Mr.Saradacharya(M.D./President) 4.Contact Phone & Mobiles +91 565 3203905,+91 9410082531. 5.Date of Establishment:- 1995 6.Date of Registration:- 2001/July/22 7.Regisration No:- 342/V/1882. 8.Legal Status :- Registered under Indian Trust Registration Act. 9.Nature:- Social. 10.Corporate Office :- New Delhi. 11.Dream Project :-SURABHI in ORISSA. 12.Areas of Operation :- All Over INDIA. 13.Bankers :- (I)Bank Of Baroda A/c No:0135 020 0000 025 (II)Indian Overseas Bank A/c No 5994 14.Main Activities of the Organization :- *Health Awareness against ALL DISEASES with HIV/AIDS. *Family Health Awareness Campaign. *Cultural Awareness Programme. *Animal Husbandry Programmes. *Research & Development/Medicines through ‘FEW ELEMENTS’ of COW. *ECCOLOGY safety (Research) project by ‘KAMDHENU GOSTHEE’ 15.Organization Infrastructure:- *Office -2 *Open space -600(sq.ft.) *Laptop System -1 *Bicycle -7 *Furniture & Fixture *Two Wheeler-2 *Etc …. 16.Organization Manpower:-
Permanet Volunteers Part Time
10 80 32
OUR VISION : KAMDHENU has a vision to have a physically,mentally & socially growth of human kind through gou-seva(Service to cow). OUR MISSION : To empower poor and disadvantaged Cows in such away, so that they can service a healthy life and by the products made by cow’s dung,urine,milk,curd, ghee & other things provided by cows.We can use them by make Medicines &daily utility’s for better human life. OUR OBJECTIVES : *To Improve the present condition of rural people by reducing poverty,unemployment,illiteracy and problmes regarding health. *To organize rural women for their socio-economic development through income generation activities and imparting skill development training to them. *To collaborate with the government and voluntary agencies in the development activities such as income generation,education, environment conservation,agriculture,horticulture & plantation etc. *To promot better health and hygiene practices and work under the aegis of Reproductive health projects. *To creat an opportunity of education of their childrens of the depressed section and the rural people. *To organize rural people & women for leadership development and development of peoples presser and vigilance committee. *To promote and develop appropriate rural technology and non-conventional energy sources. *To promote integrated development of the area. OUR OPERATIONAL AREA : The operational area of KAMDHENU lies in the heat of VRINDABAN . KAMDHENU has also expanded its activities to the adjacent area and presently working in villages of ORISSA,CHHATISHGARH,U.P.,M.P. & GUJURAT .It is working in the field of cow welfare(gou seva). The area is mostly dominated by the people of orissa,chhatishgarh etc…. They have a long history of negligence in spite of the abundance of the natural recourses in their area.
ACTIVITIES All India Basis Organization -1 State Head -4 District Head -28 Block Head -63 Village Head -1280 Organizations -3 Gousahala Project -6 Goushala (Under construction) -8 Panchagavya Medicine Product Centre -2 Research Centre -2 Health Centre -7 (More then 306600 Patients have cured by 7 Health Centre & 2 Research Centres in last 2001.) Total HERVAL{Bio-Chemic} Products-229 (Medicines & Other things) Like…Tablets,distilled medicines,powders,ashab,arisht, Rash,bhashm, xar, shatwa, different louh’s,different guggal’s, Ghreet,Tail,Ointment, Soap, Sampoo, Fase pack,Tea & Cofee, Tooth Powder, Fase Creams Etc… CRITICAL DISEASES:- Aids,T.B.,Cancer(all),Paralysees, Blood Suger,B.P.,Heart,Kidnye, Mental, Asthma, Esnophelia, Nemonnea, Fat, Ellergy, Piles, Ulser, Cold, Cough,Fever, Jundise,Headeche,Scitica,Gout-Artharites & All Panic & Chronic Diseases. Bio Fertilizer-Compost:- Earth Worm,Liquid Worm,Samadhi Worm,Atom Worm & Crop Defence 22 Types. Electricity Utilization- Clock,Transistor,Lamp,Calculator, Etc. PROFIT- EMPLOYMENT,SELF ESTABLISHMENT, SAFE ECCOLOGY, HEALTH CARE,BIO-PRODUCT FOODS (With out any Chemical) PUBLICATION- To distribution of literature and publication of different books & hand bills for awareness programmes & Teaching camps,Smarika & magazines in fair and Exhibition for development of society according to time. (Above all declaration of 2001-2008) ________________________________________________________ ACHIVEMENTS *Gokul gram SILANYASH in Vrindaban in 2006. *Organizement of society and Kamdhenu katha ayojan at baroda (Gujurat) in 2006. *Establishment of goushala in patnagarh,sambalpur,jajpur,konark –orissa and Chhatishgarh(kendai-korba)Lucknow,barely, pilibhit, atmadpur,firozabad & gorakhpur in Utttar Pradesh in 2009. *Establishment of Surabhi temple at goverdhan in 2010. *Establishment of SURABHI University in orissa in 2011. *Panchgavya research Centre (under construction) * Agriculture & Horticultural Product’s are we Produce by Panchagavya. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION COMMUNICATE KAMDHENU HEALTH CENTRE SHRI GODA HARIDEV MANDIR PARISHAR RANG JI KA NAGLA VRINDABAN DIST-MATHURA (U.P.)INDIA. PIN-281121 PHONE+91 565 3203905 MOB+91 9410082531 Web

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